Q&A With Dr. Yvonne Fulbright on XR Brands ‘Savvy’ Line

Lyn Bimey

XR Brands has introduced its “Savvy” line of massagers, kits and intimate accessories designed with and recommended by AASECT-certified sexuality educator and published author Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD.

The company said the collection matches intimate pleasure with intimate wellness, offering a solution for every shopper. XR Brands tapped Fulbright, known for her work in the human sexuality and sex education fields, to bring an important perspective to the product development process and to create easy-to-use shapes that provide both health and pleasure benefits.

Savvy products are designed to facilitate frequent sexual pleasure in order to reap the physical and emotional health benefits associated with it. —Dr. Yvonne Fulbright, Sexuality Educator

“Our initial desire was to create a doctor-developed, doctor-recommended product line unlike anything else on the market today, and the first step was to collaborate with a respected and forward-thinking educator like Dr. Fulbright,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad, said. “After a few development meetings we knew we had something special on our hands, and the result is a fully branded line that meets the needs of both our customers and their shoppers.”

The collection provides retailers with a discreetly packaged, professionally merchandised line of basic essentials that can be displayed outside of the traditional sex toy section. Featuring interactive packaging inspired by the mainstream personal care category, Savvy acts as a creative transitional line for stores’ softer lingerie and lifestyle sections — or for stores looking to branch into pleasure products for the first time, according to XR.

A magnetized flap that outlines its features and health benefits, with commentary from Fulbright, conceals each product. Shoppers can lift the flap to learn more and view the product through a see-through “window” and close the flap to maintain a sense of discretion. Savvy is comprised of 22 SKUs ranging from mini vibes to prostate and electro-stimulation massagers.

“A lot of thought and consideration went into the packaging concept and we really nailed it,” XR Brands Brand Manager Michael Merrill, said. “Savvy has a clean and modern look that blends the educational aspect with the line’s sensual shapes and invites shoppers of all experience levels to pick up the box and see what’s inside. And Dr. Fulbright’s photo is featured on every package with a genuine and informative recommendation, and that, combined with Savvy’s affordable price points, helps secure the sale.”

Fulbright sat down with XBIZ to discuss the Savvy collection in detail.

How does this line complement your role as a sexologist?

Sexuality education has long been a passion of mine, largely because it’s so critical that people receive accurate information and judgment-free guidance in taking care of their sexual health and intimate relationships. “You deserve sexual pleasure” has been one of the sex-positive premises driving my efforts. The fact that sexuality is a natural, normal, healthy part of being human is something that still needs to be supported and reaffirmed in our society, and this product line seeks to give people reassurances around their desire to attend to their sexual selves, and, ultimately, overall health and wellbeing.

What inspired you to launch a collection of sexual wellness products?

Launching a collection of sexual wellness products is something I’ve long wanted to do, and it was a matter of finding the right fit as far as a company and team to work with. The products themselves, too, had to be first-rate quality in their materials and look. The talent at XR Brands has created an unbelievably attractive, desirable product line, which I’m proud to support. I’m thrilled that we’re meeting a need — filling a niche — in a very crowded industry, that of providing consumers with the information, skills and tools needed to take care of their sexual health, overall health and relationships. People need to be supported in celebrating and embracing their sexuality. The Savvy line we’ve developed is designed to help people feel sexually empowered, while taking care of their overall physical and emotional health.

How does the collection educate shoppers?

The packaging highlights the potential health benefits of sexual pleasure, and how each product can facilitate those benefits with an exhilarating and satisfying sexual response.

DrFulbright.com, which is affiliated with Savvy specifically, provides educational videos about each product, helping shoppers to learn more about the devices and how they can be used for greater satisfaction. Educational display cards are also available to help shoppers make more informed decisions.

Who is the target demographic for this line? How does it appeal to them?

Quite honestly, there is something for everybody of all sexual orientations in this product line — young people, middle-aged, elderly, male and female. A main driver of this product line was to make enhancements available to those whose sexual needs are often an afterthought. We hope that men and women who deal with physical disabilities, chronic illness, sexual disorders and other challenges will find comfort in our slogan: “You deserve sensual, savvy satisfaction.”

Discuss the sexual wellness topics addressed by the 2014 Savvy offerings.

Savvy products are designed to facilitate frequent sexual pleasure in order to reap the physical and emotional health benefits associated with it. I can list a few here:


• Studies suggest that both masturbation and partnered sexual activity may enhance wellbeing re: more happiness, immunity, longevity, pain management and sexual/reproductive health.

• Sexual pleasure may be associated w/ reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.

• Longitudinal study in South Wales examining frequency of orgasm and mortality found that sexual activity appeared to have protective effect on men’s health.

• A 25-year study in North Carolina found that frequency of intercourse was a significant predictor of longevity in men. Women who reported past enjoyment of intercourse had greater longevity.


• Caerphilly study: Sexual intercourse (2x+/week) was correlated with lower incidence of fatal coronary events.

• Israeli study found statistically significant positive correlation between sexual “frigidity,” sexual dissatisfaction and history of heart attack.


• 1989 study found increased frequency of sexual activity was correlated with reduced incidence of breast cancer among women who had never had a child.


• Research has shown that sexual activity and orgasm may bolster the immune system in both sexes.


• Sleep: sexual release can help people sleep, with orgasms causing a surge in oxytocin and endorphins, which may act as sedation.

• Youthfulness: Those labeled “super young” looking tended to have active sex life (3x+/week); also are more comfortable and confident with their sexual identity.

• Fitness: those with an active sex life often exercise more and have better dietary habits than those not as sexually active.


• Endometriosis: researchers have concluded that sexual activity and orgasm during menstruation has potentially protective effect against endometriosis.

• Fertility: frequent sexual activity may enhance reproductive health, in terms of helping to regulate menstrual patterns.

• Cramps: masturbating helps to relieve menstrual cramps.

• Prostate: frequent ejaculation may help prevent chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.


• Sexual activity relieves chronic pain, including lower back pain, arthritis and migraines.


• Sexual satisfaction is a strong predictor of higher quality of life.

• Stress: sexual activity and orgasms have been shown to reduce stress.

• Self-esteem: positive sexual experiences with a partner may increase self-esteem.

How do the “Good,” “Better” and “Best” options serve shoppers?

The good, better, best, marketing tactic helps consumers understand the features and benefits of each sexual wellness product. The more features the product has, the higher the retail value. Savvy strives to offer the mass market the most premium toys at the lowest retail prices so that they are accessible to as many people as possible. Stepping up each product with an additional feature gives shoppers options — when they’re ready to “upgrade” to a higher intensity or more complex vibe, they have the option to purchase within the Savvy line (with which they’ve already established a level of trust) and maintain a sense of brand loyalty.

Tell me about your collaboration with XR Brands. How much input did you have in the creation of this line?

We share a common commitment to educating the consumer on sexuality, sexual health and how it can affect overall wellbeing. We discussed who is in need of what types of products, what the physical, emotional and relationship benefits would be for people in using each product, and what the challenges would be in getting them on store shelves and into shoppers’ hands. XR Brands’ team ran with our ideas, delivering most impressively on the packaging, look and quality of products. My input and approval were sought on a regular basis.

What makes this an ideal collection for retailers to carry? What marketing materials are available for this line?

First and foremost, this line of products carries the enhancement products that people need and want, and are made with the finest of materials. The thoughtful packaging allows shoppers to check out the product while still being able to make a discreet purchase. Each product is tastefully concealed by a magnetized flap that concisely outlines its features and health benefits with helpful commentary from me printed on the front. Shoppers can lift the flap to learn more and view the product through a see-through “window” and simply close the flap to maintain a sense of discretion. The colors and attractiveness of the packaging further hold appeal, especially in that the images don’t scream “sex, sex, sex,” which retailers and shoppers alike will find safety in. We also hope that my credentials in having a doctorate will give all parties piece of mind.

As mentioned previously, we filmed product education videos for every item in the Savvy line, which are viewable to consumers at http://drfulbright.com/ and downloadable at XRBrands.com. They play beautifully on large or small screens and add a bright, visual and interactive merchandising tool to the Savvy display.