The Mind of the Pornsurfer


Pornsurfer pôrn sûr'Fer
n. One who casually looks at something pornographic offering numerous options, especially through the Internet or television.

Most of us think of them in the terms of clicks, or hits, or sign-ups. We call them surfers, perverts, visitors, sometimes assholes. Whatever name you have for the ever elusive species we are speaking of today, this is a dissection into the mind of the pornsurfer. I took the liberty of comprising a 27-question survey that I then posted to several locations where the pornsurfer might be seen. The bait was an award of free pornographic videos to 3 lucky winners who completely filled out my survey. Like a rat to cheese, they flocked.

I asked them a lot of personal questions, to get a feel for their lifestyles and habits. I asked age, marital status, occupation, location, connection speeds, how many years spent as a pornsurfer, amount spent on pornsurfing… all that might be of importance to my dissecting of the pornsurfer. Here are the results as I have compiled them:

The overall lifestyle of the porn surfer

How does age relate to what niches pornsurfers are interested in?
I found that the younger crowd, under the age of 35, lean more towards the tamer side of the industry. They list interest in amateur, teen, lesbians, and voyeur. My older pornsurfers, aged 36 and up, get a little more adventurous in their old age. They list interest in things such as spanking, golden showers, pregnancy, S&M, facials, fisting, group sex, even fighting.

How does age relate to spending habits?
The only correlation I could find was that the mid-age group, aged 30-35 years, seemed to spend the least amount. I found the high spenders to be among the under 30 group, or in the over 45. Perhaps the 30-35 year old group is among the “married with kids” minority.

How does marital status relate to spending habits?
Single and divorced users spent at least 50% more per month than their married counterparts.

How does occupation relate to how much he spends monthly on his lifestyle?
I searched under every rock and up in every tree, but I could find no correlation between a pornsurfer’s occupation and how much he spends on his porn. We have a guy who says “I work in a manufactory” spending $200 per month, and a lawyer spending $20. Cheap ass attorneys.

How does occupation relate to what niches pornsurfers are interested in?
I couldn’t find much of a relationship between occupation and niches. So many generic terms popped up, such as teen, amateur, etc. Although the guy who works in a “manufactory” did let me know he was into golden showers and pregnancy.

How does location relate to what niches pornsurfers are interested in?
The biggest freaks seem to come from overseas. End of story.

How does his perceived attractiveness relate to how active his social life is?
As one might guess, the pornsurfers who perceived themselves as average or better looking have fairly active social lives. The guy who said he “couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse” reported less of an active social life overall.

The lifestyle habits of the porn surfer

List some sites you have remained a member at for 3 months or longer.
They answered:,,,,,,,,,,

How do you find the specific porn you are looking for?
They answered:, Pop-Ups, Emails, search engines,, word of mouth, link lists.

What is your internet connection speed?
The majority, at 26%, are on a cable modem. That leaves 15% dialing up at 56K, 14% on ADSL, 4% on T-1 line, and a pathetic 2% dialing up at 28.8.

What is the average amount of money you spend per month accessing adult content?
The majority, at 30% and 38%, report spending $5-$20, and $20-$40 per month. 16% fall between $40-$80, a measly 3% in the $80-$200 range, and 11% report spending $200 or more.

Does a $2.95 trial convince you to join a site?
48% told me that, no, it would not convince them to join a site. 21% reported that, yes, it would convince them. And the other 31% were too lazy to answer, and won't be getting a free pornographic video.

Which would you most likely click on? And then gave 5 options: pop-up window, pop-up webpage, flashing banners, banner with nudity, and descriptive text link.
43% favored the banner with nudity overall, 37% favored the text link, and small percentages evened out among the rest of the options.

Would you date someone you met online?
51% said yes, 21% said no, the others must have been confused by the meaning of the word “date”.

Are you at all curious about other men?
5% said yes, they were curious about other men.

Although pornsurfer opinions vary a great deal concerning what they’re looking for and what they’re willing to spend on their hobby, there are a number of common denominators we can pull from this information to help ourselves become more efficient at trapping the pornsurfer in our trap, and luring him away from that of another hunter.

Since age obviously correlates to the type of content pornsurfers are out there looking for, consider finding yourself some age specific traffic. For example, a site featuring “hairy honeys” is most likely trafficked by older men, therefore a banner to a site featuring golden showers might convert well. However, a site featuring funny drinking games is probably trafficked by younger men, and it might be better to send them to a site featuring something along the lines of cheerleaders or party girls. Surprising to me was the notion that a surfer would be more apt to click on a descriptive text link than he would be a flashing banner.

Surprising to me was the notion that a surfer would be more apt to click on a descriptive text link than he would be a flashing banner. Consider outsourcing your text to someone who has a flair for words, or finding a wannabe writer amongst your staff.

Put together the notion that so many pornsurfers find themselves unattractive to the opposite sex, along with the facts that over 50% of them would be open to dating someone they met online, and you get a great option for the funneling of traffic. Send them to a date site, such as or another that caters to sexually explicit profiles.

Hmmm, 5% of my pornsurfers report being curious about other men. If you can send your straight traffic to a gay site, and convert 5 in 100 (5%), or if having a small gay section within your straight paysite member’s section will help keep 5 in 100 members active longer, then maybe you should be open to the option.

If you can put any of this hard earned information to work for you, I’ll be pleased. Catch me for a chat anytime, and good luck in your pornsurfer hunting!