Software Spotlight: AdultWebware

Karen Wilder

Do you know what many Webmaster’s dream of? Who mentioned beer and relaxation? That’s right; Webmasters are people too, and nothing human is alien to them. But for some reason, they spend most of their time in front of the monitor screen, engaged in content and picture management, and being confused by the ordinary-looking pointers of their software’s interface, wasting a great deal of time. And if it is an adult site, they have to be even more careful, so as not to confuse galleries or users (God forbid!).

"So what do you want?" some pessimists will ask, "It’s the job!" Once I thought so too – until I visited a site run by a couple of smart guys under the name of AdultWebware. It appears that these guys have not skimped on time or ideas to facilitate the work of adult site Webmasters. Their latest product, Adult-Engine v2.4, literally unties your hands! And where’s the trick, you ask? I will explain.

Usually, if you want to update the contents of your site’s members area, you have to do the following:

  • Make photos
  • Upload them to the site
  • Start a special program for contents administration
  • Group images into galleries, with each gallery occupying a whole .html file
  • Create thumbnails
  • Determine the rights of users

And what if you suddenly decide to change your design? You will have to start the program all over again, create thumbnails, then upload the new changes to the site, etc. Do you really need all of these troubles? Why should you repeat standard operations, wasting your time (which is money, as you know), and losing users because of the slow functioning of your site? There is an alternative!

This latest Adult-Engine program will automate all of the repetitive dirty work for you. After the installation of Adult-Engine, you reduce the list of operations on content area upgrades to:

  • Make photos
  • Upload them on the site
  • Go and find a bottle of cold beer
Isn’t it an impressive alternative?

Content Management
The main feature of the Adult-Engine program is its simplicity of use and high efficiency. Several minutes will be enough to make changes to the contents of your site. So, the contents of a site are structured and represented by a “Windows Explorer” style tree of directories. You can see where pictures and video are located, or not. You can name directories whatever you want, and it will not affect the site’s functioning.

The only thing you need to do to place new files on your site is to create a new directory then up-load the new content to your site. Of course, it will be useful to create thumbnails first, and the "Create Thumbnails" menu option makes it quick and easy. Then you can work your directories.

Adult-Engine allows you to:

  • Specify the name of each category or gallery
  • Add a detailed description of each category or gallery
  • Add thumbnails for each category or gallery
  • Add the posting date of each category or gallery
  • Select a template for each category or gallery
  • Set the number of photos to be displayed on a page
  • Set the number of photos to be displayed per line
  • Select the color of the descriptions
  • Place credits or URLs on your photos
After that you press the "Save" button and all your settings are conveniently saved. You can also count on complete technical support from the developers, in case you want to considerably customize something.

Additional Features
Though content management is the main headache – excuse me, the main “work” of webmasters, there are also other necessary tasks, such as news, polls, comments and FAQs. AdultWebware takes care of this, too! Now, unlike many low-level adult sites, you can also effectively use these tools. Does this impress you yet? I’ll give you a more detailed description of these features:

The motto of AdultWebware is "Simplicity in everything," and it works here again. You can forget about HTML-editors, text formatting, and tag checking. If you need to place news on your site, just simply copy the information from a text file or web-page and insert it on your site. You can optionally show users either 5, 10, or any number of news items. The user also has access to the news archive, which can be opened in a new window, if he/she would like. The freedom of choice – isn’t this what we all value?

Here’s where the real surprises appear. The poll unit consists of two parts: one of them can be edited from the administrative panel, while the other can’t. Why do you need such complications? To have a several step lead on your competitors. Let me explain.

The first module is rather simple in use, but at the same time it makes a very powerful marketing tool. With the help of the intuitive interface, you can create as many polls and questions on any subject, and in any form as you wish. This generates polls that allow one answer out of multiple choices, where the question does not reappear to the user after he has already chosen his answer (similar to the weekly poll here at Xbiz).

The second module is a poll system for each area of your site’s contents. According to the results of these polls the list of the most popular areas of the site’s contents is formed. Thus, you can always know the preferences of your users, and can select upgrades for your site, considering their wishes.

User comments are one more area where users’ can express their desires and opinions. Eventually, after they have been looking at all of the beautiful girls (and guys) on your site, they would like to share their opinions about them. This “rate the babes” feature should be present on every pay site, or at least on yours! One of the useful features allows administrators to view and delete unwanted comments like "I have better girls! Everybody visit my site!”

Finally, the FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions) page is a place where you can understandably explain to users the way to resolve their problems. And again, all that you need to do is to just insert the necessary text. It doesn’t matter where you are; whether you’re at your office, or on the North Pole, you can always respond to your user’s basic questions.

Well, guys, now you can see that AdultWebware has realized the dream of every Webmaster – they created a unique new site management system, which can save you both time and money. You like it, don’t you? That’s it…

By the way, I forgot to mention that you can place an order right on their site. Hey, where are you going? Well, the provider is gonna turn grey, if you all connect to the Internet at the same time. And what am I gonna do? I've already updated my site today. Maybe I should get some beer…