Lori Anderson Evolves

Lotza Ed
There are many challenges faced by 'mom and pop' operators of adult webmaster affiliate programs today, especially those that heavily feature a single model who is also expected to be an integral part of the business. In our case, the program is Internet Entertainment's "LotzaDollars," run by Lori Anderson and myself, along with a small staff, and one of our main challenges has been to continually reinvent Lori over and over again, focusing on the micro-niches of content that Lori's members request from her – something that no other solo amateur girl has done so successfully on the Internet.

Reinventing Lori, one of our more popular models wasn't really hard to do; listening to her members provided us with a path to maximum exposure. Creating exclusive content for each niche – now that took some time and was a little more difficult – you also can't just promote different tours using the same content.

The process was pretty simple, however: Lori would come to me with some really weird member requests, and I would develop them.

Of course we have all the common niches covered, but that's not really what we're talking about here. For example; we've made first and second tours to some of her more popular websites like where the focus is mainly on blowjobs, facials, fucking and cum swallowing and for, where we started our pay site business, focusing on and around the live web cam niche.

SweetCamGirl was started back in 1999 with the live web cams in Lori's bedroom: an idea we got from all the members that were watching her on web cams at various sites. Lori worked as an independent contractor for many of the popular web cam companies and at one time had over 8,000 paying web cam customers and over 100,000 members among all of her adult Yahoo! clubs. Obviously she received many requests and one of them was that she open her own personal site; thus our pay site business was born – and it's been evolving since.

One of the stranger niches we developed was the result of her members asking her to do photo shoots concentrating only on her hairy forearms. Yep, who would've known? She does have long blonde hair on her forearms! Lori was surprised to be sure, saying "Some of these guys just fantasize about my arm hair and nothing else; I don't get it!"

Since there were enough members asking her to do custom photo shoots JUST focusing on her arm hair, we came up with a new tour and produced enough exclusive photo and video content to start another new pay site called; a site that was rather easy to develop. Taking photo and video of her arm hair? How boring! But more requests came in where members would want to see other girls or guys play, lick and touch her arm hair in video and digital photos. We aim to please, so we did that and these members became very satisfied.

Another pay site was developed to keep up with the Joneses. What I meant by that statement is that all the affiliate programs were coming out with reality type sites and we somehow lacked a site like this for Lori. In response, we developed her most personal and popular site to date with the most common words we could find: When the surfer takes this tour, there's no doubt in his mind that there is a "real" girl behind the door and this particular site really brings the members closer to her. Lori is online every day catering to her members' emails, requests and doing live cam shows and personal phone calls with them to stay in touch. Her long-time members actually receive holiday cards in their mail box!

Ok, now that we had these sites for Lori, I was wondering what else I could do with her – I mean, the girl is so brilliant and sexy, let's keep going, right? So I threw some chocolate on her one day and our "wet and messy" site,, was born. This site is our most difficult to produce content for, after all, we know that you ladies don't like to make a mess of yourselves, now do you? Or as Lori put it, "Laying sticky strawberry parfait all over myself, ice cream, or whip cream with sprinkles can be a real pain in the ass. I don't like doing these photo shoots – it's not my favorite website and I would much rather do something like glamour." Do I hear another possible website in the making?

In the meantime, our Hairy-Arms members were asking for more; they wanted to see Lori's Hairy-Arms in action, so was born, stemming from a site that we had previously developed. This new site would cater not only to new surfers looking for Hairy-Arms action, but also to the surfers looking for a not-so-typical hand job site. Again we developed more exclusive video and digital photo content and released this site to our affiliates. It's out there, but it's not one of our most popular niches.

Each of these "sites" is really a unique tour leading to a common member's area where the surfer can enjoy all of our content in one area. This content is also shared with the entire family of websites in our affiliate program. Making distinctive tours is one thing, but to maximize sales, we also rely on an incredible amount of colorful and well put together banners, FPAs, free sites and photo and movie galleries, all hosted by us, each emphasizing our models and the various niches we cater to.

As you can see, offering a number of sites to suit your customer's needs is possible, even when your focus is on marketing a single model – especially if she's as talented, diverse and able to reinvent herself as Lori Anderson is.

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