Sofie Rockland: Creating an Experience

Lyn Bimey

The marriage of fashion and eroticism can be interpreted in many ways. However the Sofie Rockland’s 210th Experience bodycare line and collection of erotic boxes is among the most obvious.

Founded by Sofie Rockland, an international fashion designer who studied under the Master Koetsier Foundation at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, the bodycare range uses body-beneficial ingredients, luxurious scent profiles, and sleek packaging to provide a lavish experience.

The creators of 210th Experience found a unique way to bring a sexy and seductive style to bath and body essentials without losing their marketability. -Entrenue President Joe Casella.

The products combine high-fashion design with skin-nourishing ingredients to create a series of sensual oils, creams and skincare items packaged in a seductive style.

According to Rockland, she launched the brand after being inspired by private experiences.

“I noticed how important communication and intimacy is in the relation and if you don’t pay enough attention to it, you will not survive together,” she said. “The fact that I have been working in the fashion industry as buyer and production manager gave me the advantage that my skills in buying, development and branding are well developed.

“I have seen so many different branding my life and it was my dream to develop my own brand. I never expected to start in the erotic industry but it is so far my best decision ever.”

Rockland launched 210th in October 2010.

“The feedback so far is overwhelming, especially when people hear that I have never been in the erotic industry before,” she said. “The marketing and the philosophy to combine communication with intimacy is unique and the consumers are extremely enthusiastic about the sophisticated design and the luxury ingredients of the products.”

The line includes a Massage Candle that melts to produce smooth massage oil; hydrating Massage Oil featuring a special combination of natural ingredients; and rich Body Cream featuring antioxidants and vitamin E.

Bath products include a softening Body Scrub for exfoliation; a Body Mask featuring clarifying China clay and hydrating botanicals; enriched Bath Oil featuring soy and moisturizing ingredients; and a Shower Cream that creates a soft, hydrating lather.

The 210th Experience also provides a unique “crème de la crème” of lubricants featuring a silky silicone base that’s odorless and taste-free, and glides smooth for long-lasting pleasure.

The bath and body products are fragranced with a combination of linden blossom, freesia, amber, musk, vanilla fudge, and fruit scents. The products are never tested on animals.

In October, U.S. distributor Entrenue began carrying the 210th collection.

“The creators of 210th Experience found a unique way to bring a sexy and seductive style to bath and body essentials without losing their marketability,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said.

He added, “Each cream, oil and body product is packaged in sleek and modern boxes with suggestive and provocative ‘challenges’ under the label for couples to try together. This thoughtful lifestyle brand will be a welcome addition to any adult boutique’s bath and body section.”

Rockland calls those challenges “assignments” for couples. However, couples can decide for themselves how to use the products in the kits.

“Once you don’t want to use any of the erotic accessories from the boxes, you can always use the wonderful massage oil or take a nice bath together,” she said. “The art is to underline the luxury of the brand of 210th and belongs to a lifestyle as well.”

The assignments are accessed through a QR code that is located inside the package of every item from the 210th bodycare line.

According to Rockland, the 210th collection has experienced global success and currently retails in regions such as Europe, Asia, Japan and Australia.

“It’s hard to say where we are most successful but both the U.K. and U.S. are doing very well,” Rockland said. “The advantage is that we sell 210th not only in the love shops, but also in hotels, lingerie stores, beauty salons and lifestyle stores. The variety of the collection gives the possibility to enter as well the mainstream retailers.”