Peach bites back

Gram Ponante
I have come to realize that mine is not the only website in the adult realm. In fact, there are at least three more. Because I enjoy sunlight, trees, running water, food, and schooling the industry on the newest positions, I often miss whole chunks of drama.

If you touch it, I’m'a start some drama. You don’t want no drama. No no drama. No no no no drama. - Sun Tzu

Drama like the one in which Lethal Hardcore owner Stoney Curtis called out Alabama's Own Amber Peach for flaking on a set. Read his words and then read Ms. Peach's response.

AMBER PEACH FLAKES AGAIN (for a third time w/our company), Gets DROPPED by agent!!

Amber was booked for us friday 22nd, I insisted she call us direct and verify so she cant complain that her agent screwed up the booking (which was her old excuse). We gave her another chance to work for us. When Harry at Absolute modeing (her 4th agent) went to finalize thing today she tells him "I CANT WORK I HAVE STAPH INFECTION". Harry dropped her from his site. WARNING to all agents, DONOT rep this girl!!! If you do know good shooter will ever take u serious again.

I normally wouldnt write this or complain if this wasnt the third time she flaked. We shot a girl here today who claims she saw Amber on set wed. and she looked fine and did a scene, now she sick and cant work.

It seems that girls are afraid to have negative things written about them so they figure if they claim they are sick a director wont post about them on this site.

BEWARE of the BS from the talent. Ask for a copy of doctors note if you plan to use them again!!!!

If readers outside the adult industry need a concordance for that, I will provide one for a small fee.

Peach responds below, in an e-mail titled "Standing up for myself":

I’m really tired of all of the false accusations and rumors being spread about me and my professionalism. I do not like to like to talk negatively about people and I believe everyone has a right to their opinion and free speech so I have allowed opinions to be posted about me without responding in the past. However, this time I feel that I must stand up for myself because this has gone too far.

I understand the use of the website PSP and I believe it’s a great idea to report when a performer is a flake or doesn’t do a job he or she has been hired to do. Though I’m not perfect, I want to make it perfectly clear that I’m not a flake and I give a quality performance when I’m hired.

Though I hadn’t planned on sharing my personal information with everyone (it is rather embarrassing to admit that you have an infection) I feel that it is necessary to set the record straight. FYI, I was in the emergency room on Friday. Yes, it is true, I did have a staff infection and yes, I DO have the doctor’s note ordering that I refrain from work for at least a week. I could have been irresponsible like some others in the industry and work with a contagious disease. However, I have more respect for the other talent and for myself to put anyone at risk and wish the person that gave it to me would have shown me the same respect. I was on set on Wednesday, as Stoney mentioned and I’m guessing that’s when I was exposed to staff, I did a g/g that morning and then I shot some scenes for my website that evening and then woke up with a bump. I canceled my scene that day and went straight to AIM.

Stoney’s shoot wasn’t the only shoot I had to cancel. I asked that my agent email Stoney a copy of my doctor’s note to verify the situation since he didn’t seem to believe that I was telling the truth. Even with proof Stoney has not stepped up and admitted that he was wrong and issued an apology for falsely accusing me of flaking. I wouldn’t mind if this was just between us, however he’s now affecting my career by posting these false accusations on the internet for people to read and I feel that it’s necessary that I stand up for myself and explain my side.

Let me just set one more thing straight. I am and have been back with Lighthouse Talent for about a month now. Harry did NOT drop me, I left him to return to Lighthouse because he was just not providing enough bookings for me. He only provided me with four small jobs the entire time he was representing me and they weren’t even enough to pay my rent. Lighthouse has kept me booked almost every day since I’ve been back with them.

I was also very disappointed in Harry when he didn’t stand up for me when I was booked on a job on the 7th and wasn’t paid what I was booked for. I chose Harry as a manager/agent because he sold me on the fact that he would handle all of my PR and how great he would be at handling my career. When I asked that he do something to warn other girls about this person since they were spreading lies about me, he did nothing. I wanted to let people know how horrible that experience was, they treated me horribly, were violet and offered me meth and I felt girls should be warned. I harbor no hard feelings towards Harry he just wasn’t the agent for me.

Again, I normally wouldn’t have said anything but I think that it’s time I stand up for myself and set the record straight on a few things that have been going around about me and are effecting my career and reputation. Thanks for listening,

-Amber Peach

PS- To book me just call Light House Talent (818) 907-9752

I demand that people get along. It's not as if she was selling screeners or anything. Girlfriend got sick and copped to one episode of flakery. Plus she's cute as a button and knows the inside of Birmingham strip clubs.

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