MySpace has certainly proven to be a "sticky" website that people invest their time and personal information to share with others.

The viral marketing spread of MySpace is incredible as one person who creates a profile can bring in other other friends to join MySpace as well as existing MySpace profiles to become their friend.

You can create your own MySpace type website through this software application that I found. PHPFOX has created PHP-based scripts that have the same functionalities as MySpace.

I did alot of research in various portals, and this one is the very best. I have a license for one of my projects and a client of mine purchased a license for themselves.

To view the features of PHPFox, go to their website.

You can view their live demos by creating your own profile, etc.

Niches are certainly where opportunities exist to create communities, whether they be small or large. MySpace is a very large community, but it is very generic.

Using PHPFOX, you can create your own micro-community, where members share a common bond.

The ability to post up your own “home page”, as well as have blogging, forums, picture posts, etc in a ready-to-go package is great.

As a developer, it would take me alot more time than the cost of the license to do similar functionality.

Since it is PHP code (they used to use zend to encrypt some functions but they removed that now), you can hack it up.

I will be adding in my own hooks for modules to expand their offerings.

Give your niche traffic a homepage, by checking out PHPFOX and start building your eCommunity right out of the blox.