Mobile Mondays

Stephen Yagielowicz
Last week I filed a report about the Mobile Adult Content Congress (MACC) in Reno, where I had the privilege of addressing the attendees on off-deck deployment strategies for adult mobile multimedia offerings; all from the perspective of working webmasters trying to expand their current distribution chain.

This is a very different perspective than that envisioned by the mega-brands seeking on-deck domination or of those that consider “mobile” to simply be another billing platform.

Indeed, some of my ideas on “in the trenches” user-centric deployment strategies clash with other mobile business models evolving as these disparate industries merge. As in the online market place, in the mobile world, “one size does not fit all” – and in that truth hides opportunity for forward-thinking operators who might do quite well on the scraps falling from the rich man’s table. But this, again, is one perspective.

With so many viewpoints and so many opportunities, it’s hard for webmasters to stay on top of the rapidly evolving mobile marketplace; and this seems to be an especially common denominator for domestic operators of traditional online enterprises. Mobile is not (necessarily) the Internet and there’s much to learn before you can profitably compete in this arena.

The MACC event brought together attendees from around the world to discuss the evolution and future of mobile adult entertainment and I for one was impressed with the show that Dan and Larry of Black Marlin Multimedia Group put on, the wide variety of topics and offers being discussed and the limitless opportunities they present as the adult mobile multimedia market evolves – as well as the numerous perspectives that the varied players in attendance provided – all of which left me with more questions than answers.

As such, I’m going to launch a series of “Mobile Mondays” here in this column where I’ll tell you about some of the companies that I discovered in Reno, show you some of the things that I’m looking at in mobile, and help you to stay on top of the nuts and bolts information you need to operate in the mobile marketplace. Stay tuned.