Mobile Video Comes of Age

Stephen Yagielowicz

The rapidly increasing video quality of today’s mobile devices is inspiring new generations of digital filmmakers to adopt new techniques, which take advantage of the technical innovations occurring on the mobile video front — where many current generation smartphones support full HD video recording — and a few upstart phones are already shooting next-generation 4K video.

Sometimes, however, these specs are little more than marketing bluster, i.e. “HD” at 720p, or in the case of “4K” video, at 15 frames per second (around half the normal video frame rate); which results in a somewhat “jittery” playback of very sharp images. Nonetheless, from improved optics to enhanced low light performance, to color fidelity and sharper images, mobile video quality is improving all of the time.

One example is an Android and iOS offering from Koburn, entitled, “Film Crew”, which brings crowd sourcing to video production; while posing a range of intriguing possibilities for adult entertainment providers.

Indeed, today’s low-end camera phones often produce video that is far superior to the ¾-inch video systems once used ubiquitously in broadcast and professional applications — but rather than requiring a cart full of equipment and an enormous amount of light and technical fidgeting, fit in your back pocket and pump out stunning video with ease. With today’s high-end camera phones, there is no comparison.

Producers at all levels can not help but take notice of this growing trend and smartphone (and iPad / Android tablet) video is increasingly finding its way into “pro” productions.

Combine this new age of video production with the crowd-sourcing phenomenon, and new vistas of visual expression become possible.

One example is an Android and iOS offering from Koburn, entitled, “Film Crew” (, which brings crowd sourcing to video production; while posing a range of intriguing possibilities for adult entertainment providers seeking a similar solution to their unique content needs.

The Film Crew app allows users to respond easily to shot requests and to shoot and upload footage from their phone, browsing and viewing the clips they have uploaded.

“Be part of a professional camera crew,” states a rep who explains, “Film Crew lets you be part of the film crew for your favorite brands, events and organizations. Just download the free app and enter your Crew ID to start shooting footage from your unique perspective, guided by the shot list provided.”

The app allows users to join multiple Film Crews and to enter their name for listing in film credits on the final film. Users can connect Film Crew with their social media accounts for added promotion and can set up their own Film Crew for their brand to leverage this cloud - and crowd based technology.

According to the company, Koburn builds communities of shooters that capture video content for use in films, providing a filmmaking technique that is engaging, interactive and allows the creation of frequently updated video content.

Companies find crowd-sourced videos to be a way to keep their brands looking fresh, and can direct people to capture special events; harnessing the power of user-generated footage for capturing unique perspectives that camera crews miss. Another corporate application is for providing insights into your business such as making videos for a company’s Facebook page introducing new products and services — empowering employees through participation.

Koburn also provides an editing service to facilitate professional crowd-sourced productions, which can for example, turn a collection of clips into a short film — providing an amazing opportunity for high-end wedding videographers, among others.

There is doubtless an array of adult applications, from behind the scenes (BTS) footage, to clips from swinger parties, Google Glass integration and beyond, which could offer a new take on socially engaged adult video production, with Film Crews’ system showing the way.