System JO: Converting Consumers One Stroke at a Time

Dan Cameron

Who knew that a simple customer request would result in a quality brand that has been popular for 10 years and counting? Nutraceutical company United Consortium, a manufacturer of personal care products, had been doing contract manufacturing for many years when a product initially sold to just doctors became so popular, it was forced to grow by launching a new brand in 2003.

“After we first formulated a silicone lubricant for women with vaginal dryness, we began looking at the sensual care market as a whole,” says Marketing Manager Cassie Pendleton. “We felt strongly that we would be able to offer a premium product and answer to the need/want for high-quality ingredients and formulations.”

We strive to offer the highest quality products as well as be a go-to source for information on sensual well-being as a whole. -Cassie Pendleton

System JO was born, the company using only pure, vegetablebased pharmaceutical-grade glycerin in its lubricants. The line includes JO H20, JO Premium and a JO Flavored line of products. The company notes it was the first to develop a lubricant that warms on contact, along with flavored lubricants with no artificial sweeteners or aftertaste and a water-based lube “as silky smooth as silicone.”

“The consumer wants and appreciates quality, especially when we’re speaking about products used on and in the most intimate areas of our bodies. Quality matters and plays a huge part in our success,” says Pendleton. “United Consortium’s growth can be attributed to many things, though I think it mostly centers around our philosophy in doing business. The JO brand centers around our tagline: ‘Meet Your New Best Friend’. This tagline really encapsulates our goals as a manufacturer. We aim to be a trusted company; a company and a brand you would go to, like you would a best friend, for answers/solutions to intimate needs and wants.”

As is inherent in its name, System JO provides a system of sensual products. Pendleton notes they are much more than a lubricant company, manufacturing products for all areas of sensuality — from lubricants to stimulation gels and serums. They also offer pheromone and shaving products and even have a breast-enhancement cream.

“We strive to make products for all aspects of sensuality,” she says. “There have been many innovations and advances in the last 10 years that have been exciting to see in our industry. We welcome those that have led to opening up the conversation of sexuality and ‘detabooing’ the subject matter. The hope is that we continue to break down the stereotypes associated with the nature of the products we make and sell and open the consumer up to more possibilities as a result.”

Because of the increased acceptance in society, the company has seen growth over the years. Nonetheless, Pendleton says consumers will never be able to receive the education and service that adult retailers can offer. That’s why System JO has made it a priority to equip its adult retail partners with the tools to not only sell the product, but to inform and consult with a consumer at the store level — something she says “is of the utmost importance to us.”

“Consumers have so many options. Through education and offering premium products, we hope to become their first choice. We focus on providing any and all information as it relates to any product we make. By doing this, we feel that consumers will make the right choice for themselves,” Pendleton adds. “We’ve seen manufacturers really become aware of this and begin to pay more attention to the importance of store-level education. Retailers should know that they have a key role in educating the consumer on sensual care and well being. With educated store employees, they’re able to offer not only products, but a tailored service to their customers.”

System JO plans to continue to create new and innovative products that answer to the consumer’s needs and wants in an effort to fulfill the company philosophy. Instilling that simple message is part of a bigger effort to change consumers’ perception of personal pleasure products, and supports their main objectives of quality and education.

“We strive to offer the highest quality products as well as be a go-to source for information on sensual well-being as a whole. Our focus has always been and will always be to provide the safest, most effective products on the market,” Pendleton says. “Many people may believe these are only products to solve ‘issues.’ We offer products and see these items as not only that, but enhancement products. Once you start viewing the world of lotions and potions as enhancement products, there’s so much more to discover. The best advice we give to consumers is to educate themselves. We pride ourselves in creating products from a research standpoint, and we will never compromise quality. We encourage consumers to buy the same way — based on information and high standards.”