What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?


I can't even count how many times I was asked this question when I was growing up. Such a common question, and for most children, such an easy 'cookie cutter' answer. You know the usual answers like: "I'm going to be a Fireman," or "that's easy, I'm going to be a Doctor or a Nurse" and of course the old standby heroes: "I'm going to be a Policeman or the President of the United States." Here's a question for you, have you ever heard a child say: "I'm going to be a Porn Star when I grow up?"

I can just see it now, the kid being drug off to church, lectured the whole way about how evil sex is. People praying over her as though she's been devil possessed, and of course the family discussions and the twenty questions that would follow about who could have put these horrible ideas in their perfect little Suzy's head.

Being Different Isn't Always Easy
For most people it's much safer to do what everyone else does; be the follower, always doing what's expected of them. But what about those of us who think for ourselves, and see life as a giant world of opportunity and have always desired to be more than just the ordinary? I can remember very early on in my life, that when all of the other girls were interested in playing house, I was off playing cowboys and Indians with the boys or out sneaking around in the woods behind our house pretending I was an animal hunting my prey. My mind was wild with imagination and ideas of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Being what everyone else wanted to be simply bored me to tears and I knew then that I was different, that I was open minded enough to try anything at least once, and I didn't really care if I fit in or not.

Everything has a price and choosing adult entertainment as your career is no exception to the rule, as it is about as different as you can get in this world set up for heroes, victims and villains. And the world wants to burn you at the stake because all you want to do is make a living and have a little fun while your doing it, "I mean what's so different about that?" The difference is you have chosen to think for yourself, without allowing others to influence you. You have probably decided that what works for others, doesn't necessarily work for you. You are always looking for ways to improve upon ideas and when difficulties arise, you strive to find the answer and rarely give up. And last but not least, you are a leader and have your own set of rules that you follow.

It's in the 'Genes'
Yes it's true that there are people out there who are known as attention seekers (or reaction junkies) and try desperately to be as different as possible, so as to feed off of the reactions of others. That's cool with me, but this kind of different isn't the kind of different that I am on about. The difference is, one is a therapy session and the other (that I'm talking about) is something passed down through generations in your family and that has made it to you as you were being created from your Dad and Mom. You of course ultimately choose to be different than others, but the choice is easy, as to try and be something that you're not is distasteful and difficult to do anyway.

"Because I can!"
So now that we've established the true meaning of being different and why it bores us to follow the leader, "what about being a Porn Star?" Stepping out of the 'safe box' and into the 'naughty box' is one way to experience a whole new realm. There's definitely no time for boredom, you can be the leader as much or as little as you want and as far as improving on ideas are concerned, the sky's the limit. Oh yeah, and one other thing I forgot to mention: If anyone comes up and asks you why you want to be a Porn Star or work in Adult Entertainment (and believe me, you'll hear it a lot), simply tell them this: "BECAUSE I CAN!"

Be true to yourselves. ~ Ayrora