How to Become an Adult Content Provider


So, you want to become a content provider? In this Article, I have listed a few of my recommendations and helpful tips on what you should do and what websites you can use, that will help you in getting started.

1. First thing you need is a home, a place to display your website. Go to and try a name. The shorter the better. Going with something that has nothing to do with the actual site is sometimes better, in that just the catchy name itself will get webmasters to your site. Next you will need a server to host your site. Depending on how much traffic you think you will be receiving will help you decide on the server you need. The more traffic, the more powerful the package you will need to host your site. A few recommended hosting companies are or A few free hosts are and

2. Some good web sites for resources in you endeavors are and Next you have set up an account with or some other form of web billing service. Your clients will need a payment method for your merchandise. You may want to have an exclusive content section that describes how webmasters can contact you for a custom shoot. Exclusive content prices are generally more costly, due to the fact you can only make a one time sale from your hard work. You should also have a separate license agreement for your exclusive work. A good sample of a license agreement can be found at You can also make non-exclusive content in which you will list on your site. You can also select to have a content broker list your content for you. and are two great sites to get your content noticed. You must also know how to do some design work of your own, for maintaining your website. Some great resources for design tutorials are and

3. Advertising is essential to succeed. Brokers, message boards, search engines, banner placement and traffic trades will give you a way to advertise your content for a minimal monthly price or even for free. A well written press release of your companies existence will go a long way. After writing your press release submit it to several resource centers, who will be happy to list it on their site for you. Webmaster boards are a great place to hang out, meet new people, and learn. Communicating with the experts of the industry will give you a better understanding of where you can take your company. Announcing new products and or services that you are now providing, can be done several places such as, and Two very good message boards to participate on are and

4. Now that you have a website established, you are ready to start shooting. Provided you have models to perform modeling, you must follow the rules and laws.

A good website for finding models is me, this is a whole lot harder (no pun intended) to do than it may seem. Before you begin shooting you MUST have the models sign a model release form and show proper identification. This will not only protect your ass, but will legally provide you with ownership of the photos or videos. At the time of a shoot, the models ID will serve a part of your 2257 records, which should be filed with a custodian of records. A very good idea is to have the model bring 2 forms of ID and the daily paper, to serve as a proof of the date. Take pictures or scans of both sides of the ID's. Paying your models should always be done in cash. To prevent problems have your models also sign a receipt book or even take a recording of the payment procedure. Professional porn star models cost more than your amateur model, but you can expect a much better shoot. Amateur models can often cancel without notice. It is always a good idea to double or triple book your shoots, just in case a model does not show up for a shoot. Copyrighting your images is automatically in effect when you first display your videos and photos on your website. will help you protect your rights as a photographer or content provider. I prefer a digital camera, such as the nikon cp5000, which will more than pay for itself in just the cost of film processing.

5. Lighting for your photography will be a large factor. Smith Victor makes affordable lighting solutions for your photography needs. A good digital camera and camcorder will be required to perform your shoots. I prefer a digital camera, such as the nikon cp5000, which will more than pay for itself in just the cost of film processing. You want to have a digital camera that can take at least 5 Mega Pixels or better quality. A 3CCD rating for a digital camcorder can be found in the Canon GL1 series, which speaks for itself in quality. Digital photography and videography will also speed up your processing times, as you do not have to develop your film. With firewire you can directly import your video or images, directly to your computer. With your images and video now on your PC, you will need a way to edit them. Adobe premiere makes a great program for all of your video editing. Sites like will be very helpful when learning how to edit videos. Adobe Photoshop is by far a legend, when it comes to editing the flaws in images. If you don't have any experience with image editing, you can get some great tutorials at

Stay tuned for part 2 of how to become an adult content provider by Chas.