What Women REALLY Want


I came across a post regarding this very topic on Cosmic Village the other day and couldn't resist taking a deeper, more intimate look at this subject that seems so difficult to express for some women, and for others, too shy and embarrassed to communicate what they "really" want.

Wants vs. Needs
Let's face it, there are certain basic things that we all need to survive, but when it comes to wants and desires, this is the 'cherry on top,' the little extras that are an added bonus to our life. As a Web Mistress I have, like many others in this industry, tried to dissect the female mind to find the perfect ingredient that might actually make them interested enough to become a member. It is true that women are unpredictable and in the heat of the moment can even change their mind — one minute she's not interested and the next minute she's screaming "FUCK ME!" leaving most men confused and a few of us women confused as well.

But what does all this have to do with getting them to purchase an online membership to your site you ask? It is important to understand exactly what you're working with — before finding the right tool for the job. In other words, you must first learn about the female species if you intend to find the toolbox that tweaks the female mind and further, makes them 'tick.'

"Take a trip with me now as we enter into the mind and body of the female species"

In business, the first thing you want a customer to do, is bond with the item of interest. For instance, I was an owner of an Antique Mall once upon a time, and when I saw a person stop and take a closer look at the merchandise, I would quickly go over and hand the item to them, to hold and admire, creating a bond and making it very difficult for the customer to put it back. For most females, it is in their first nature to bond (a natural desire to connect), as they are set up to procreate — to carry life for nine months, then nourish and care for it until it can survive on its own. This being said, you now know just how important it is to find a way to get a woman to connect (bond) with what you have to offer, as she will naturally stay and nurture this connection until she's fully satisfied.

Life is a Soap Opera
For generations, women have been seriously interested in Soap Operas. "Why?" Because first, there are stories in the show that they can relate to or better yet, can connect with. Second, there are things about the stories that they might desire in their own life, sort of like a fantasy life that they can return to day after day feeding off of as the story unfolds. And third, it might be a diversion or break from their boring, monotonous or chaotic life. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should all run immediately to your computers and start adding stories to all your pictures on your sites, as it goes much deeper then that, but what it does mean, is that if you have the ability to use your imagination and are creative enough to make it relate to a woman's life and/or fantasy, then your definitely on to something and should continue the tweaking.

A Little Fore Play Please
Fore-play is different for all of us; some like a little, some like a lot and some don't like it at all. The reasons are endless, but the solution to this issue is easy. Because women are very much into communication, the quickest way to finding out how much fore-play she desires and what she likes played with (even if it's different each time) is in the asking. Believe me, if you ask, it's most likely that she'll even show you how she likes it, as the alternative is, to have you guess your way through, and her leaving frustrated and sore from the experience that was suppose to keep her coming back for more. Now, I'm not sure that a woman would fill out a survey or even become a member of a site just to communicate, as there are easier alternatives, such as the phone with mom on the other end, but, I do know that if the message board was added and the focus was on things that women deal with on a regular basis and there were sex surveys included sort of like the Magazine "Vogue" gives you, that it is a sales push in the right direction in adding the right content for a female member.

Dildos vs. Diamonds
It is true that a diamond is a girls best friend, but the dildo or in my case, Homedics' "Infra Tech Pro" is a woman's second, and most favored choice. With or without a man, this happy little device can keep a woman secretly satisfied for decades, all while in the privacy of her own environment. The female's sexual organs have thousands of nerves, which can be aroused with pleasure or with pain. Over the years, I've heard time and time again from women, that their sex life has been painful, what they don't understand is that if they had been given a guide to learning more about their clitoris, and the key to creating an orgasm, there would be no time to worry about the pains of sex, because the minute you find the key to giving yourself a true screaming orgasm, the body relaxes and opens willingly, leaving a female begging to be fucked. I was lucky enough to be taught how to give myself an orgasm from a Persian harem, and even luckier to find a mate that is in tune with my sexual climaxing to participate and take me over the edge, leaving me soaked and completely satisfied and definitely cumming back for more! Now wouldn't it be nice if there were sex guides, descriptions and even pictures or better yet, videos to teach other women and even men all the sexual secrets — sort of like sexual home remedies in adult sites? If I was sexually unsatisfied and found out that there might be a remedy to my frustration as an added feature to an adult site, I know I would be curious enough to check it out, leaving one more way to push a sale to the female species.

Teasing the Senses
The clitoris is not the only thing that's sensitive, the female is a sensitive creature, they are emotional beings that absorb and feed off of their life and how much or how little love that is expressed to them. The female's sensitivity is something that can be easily abused, as she is deeply affected by how others respond to her, much like a delicate flower that is touched too roughly and/or not given proper attention. But if a female is fed praise and given proper attention, she holds powers that can give and save life, make the impossible possible and so much more. "Have you ever heard the old saying that, behind every great man is a woman?" There's an important lesson in this statement. But beyond all this, find a way to tap into the sensitive side of a female as an extra source to your adult site, and again you have added an extra point to teasing at the female's curiosity.

I could write forever and ever, as the female species is a unique creature, designed to give and receive endless pleasure. I could try and share with you all the secrets to our desires and what makes us tick, but to learn everything, this would take you on a journey as far back as the Garden of Eden; so until then, I hope this gave you at least a glimpse at what women really want, and the glimpse was good. ~ Ayrora