Taylor Rain's Dunatics of Dune

Gram Ponante
As you well know, there is nothing I like more than oiling down my leathers, jumping on my Harley, and heading out to Sturgis, Laughlin, or Laconia, drinking beers, mudding some fools, and lifting up my old lady's shirt from behind and jiggling her titties. She loves it. And the yeasty, hoppy smell from the folds of her face is redolent of our love.

I also like getting me some Bene Gesserit bitchez and heading out to the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (aka Glamis, CA, in between Yuma, AZ and San Diego) and looking for spice with my sand worm.

Last fall Taylor Rain rented a Cruise America van and traveled to Glamis with Naudia Nyce, Nadia Styles, and Kylee King where they indulged in porntastic hijinks in the area that is known as Burning Man without the Conscience.

Taylor Rain's Offroad Adventure is a reality porn in the Billy Glide vein (Billy Glide makes an appearance with a can of gasoline) and the trailer, linked below, reveals a sex, substances, and sand weekend that seems like a lot of fun until you start breathing through your nose. But since it's not a scratch 'n' sniff DVD, you should be fine.

This video was shot around Thanksgiving, and Rain announced her retirement from performing shortly therafter. There is no confirmation of Taylor actually performing in this movie in addition to her hosting and driving duties.

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