Pay Per View for Webmasters

Rob Hoover
Are you one of those people that are hesitant to jump on new advances in technology? You figure it is better to wait until something has been proven as a viable new development, rather than just hopping on the bandwagon immediately. You know who you are. You may be the same person who still has VHS tapes instead of DVDs, hasn't bought a microwave yet because they aren't that much faster, or doesn't mind dialing a phone with a rotary dial. Chances are… that is not you. Why? You are here, on the Internet, reading this. You are an innovator in the industry and you like to be involved with the latest, greatest changes in technology. Right? Well if this is you, then this is your lucky day. Today we are going to look at a relatively new way of watching adult content that will forever change how you view porn. It is the concept of pay per view and it is already one of the fastest growing methods of watching adult movies over the past few years. But just what is it and who benefits from it? Well webmasters, studios, and customers all seek to receive the rewards of pay per view. So let's get down to business and see just what you've been missing:

Pay per view porn has different advantages to different people depending on your particular needs. Let's first see how it is beneficial for the adult webmaster and affiliates. Porn on the Internet is nothing new; it probably came around the second or third day the Internet was first invented. However the way porn is handled online has come a long way in recent years. There are still countless ways to make money in the adult market, but as a webmaster, you can really rake in the cash with just a little work up front and a dedicated customer base and this is where pay per view sites come in to the picture. Now there are several respected pay per view sites out there, but for the purpose of this discussion, we are going to concentrate on one of them, XonDemand, which offers over 28,000 movies. We'll look at how it does things, but in general, across all the pay per view sites, things are done somewhat consistently.

As an adult webmaster, it is important to give your surfers what they are looking for when it comes to porn. Let's face it; there is a lot of porn out there and not everyone looks for the same thing. As an adult webmaster, you are in control of what you give your surfers with a pay per view site. Because you can create what is called a custom theater; you are in charge. Using a simple form on a secure server, you name your own theaters, select the movies you want to feature and the niches you want to promote, create your color scheme then and link to the site. It's that easy. If you run a more general site, include as much content as possible. If your site is more niche or fetish-oriented, only offer those selections to cater to your audience. There is no need to offer anal lesbian porn if you run a gay twink site. Just give your surfers what you know they want and they'll keep coming back. Plus, if you change your mind, it is simple to add and delete categories once the theater is live. With over 130 categories spread among five screening rooms, there is something for pretty much every webmaster's needs out there.

But creating the theater is only half the battle; you need to get customers to sign up. Unlike traditional porn sites where users are often forced to buy expensive memberships that tend to re-bill monthly, pay per view is different. With most pay per view sites, customers only pay for what they want to buy. If they want to try it, they purchase a small bundle of time. Then they can come back and add additional minutes to their account, but there is no pressure to ever buy more. So how do you get them to buy in the first place? Simple; give them something for free. If you get them hooked with a small, free sample, they are likely to come back and pay for more and in this case, with 15 free minutes available to offer to new users that seems to do the trick. Promote it heavily on your site, and when they get to your custom theater, they'll be able to not only look around, but actually sample 15 minutes of content to see just how incredible streaming porn on the Internet can be. But chances are, after that time expires, they will return to make a purchase, especially when they realize it breaks down to only pennies per minute!

Now we've looked at two of the major ways webmasters can benefit from adding pay per view to their sites, but there is another incentive people tend to over look. In addition to getting paid every time a customer makes a purchase from your theater, you can get a bonus for referring other webmasters. Yup, once you see how great the world of pay per view is, tell others, because not only do they benefit, but you receive a referral bonus, so that when they get a sale, you get a bonus.

Webmasters have more options waiting when they look to incorporate pay per view into their site as well. For example, you can get paid for linking to hosted movie galleries. Again, because not everyone gets off on the same thing, hosted movie galleries appeal to a wide range of tastes and interests. You'll be able to access thousands of hosted gallery combinations in hundreds of special interest genres and niches, with more being added all the time -- just another of the many benefits that await webmasters and affiliates who sign up for a custom pay per view theatre program.

We mentioned free time above. Free is good right? Yes, it is if it gets customers to come back and make a purchase and statistics prove that it does work. So in addition to the 15 free minutes, you can also offer your surfers free movie previews right on your site. They are updated daily, so repeat visitors will get to enjoy new samples all the time, making them more likely to ultimately make a purchase over time when the see all that is waiting inside beyond the free previews.

But how do you promote pay per view for your own site? Simple; there are two ways actually. A colorful, eye-catching banner ad is quite effective a lot of the time, however, some surfers are trained to ignore flashy ads because they see them constantly. A more subtle, but no less effective way is a simple text link embedded into some copy on your site. With the proper linking codes, it still takes users to your theater page and you are credited for the sale just like any other purchase would be. All those banners and links are pre-made for you once you sign up, so again, the work is done for you; you just have to add them to your site and sit back.

All payouts are for the life of the customer as well, so you don't have to worry about losing money after a certain time; once a customer signs up under your ref-id, they are your's forever. The more often they buy, the more often you benefit.

As you can see, pay per view is the future, and the future is now. In future installments, we'll look at how studios and customers both benefit from pay per view.

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