Chameleon Conquers Tube Site Submissions

Stephen Yagielowicz

Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, you know that tube sites account for the lion’s share of adult website traffic today, and regardless of where they might stand on the subject of tubes, a growing number of content producers and paysite owners are choosing to grab a share of this traffic.

While participating in one or two tube site’s content partnership programs may not be too difficult to keep up with, when dealing with hundreds of sites and perhaps thousands of submissions, doing it by hand gets to be a chore.

Tube Sites Submitter is a fast and efficient tool for uploading videos quickly, easily and automatically, to hundreds of tube sites in a matter of minutes.

Fortunately, veteran adult software company Chameleon has upped the ante with the latest release of its tool for automating traffic generation by using tube site submissions.

According to Chameleon, its Tube Sites Submitter ( is a fast and efficient tool for uploading videos quickly, easily and automatically, to hundreds of tube sites in a matter of minutes. Tube Sites Submitter quickly creates user profiles for you on the sites included in its regularly updated database, which also includes the rules for each site, so that submissions follow each site’s unique guidelines; bettering chances that your clip will be well listed.

Chameleon claims that its Tube Sites Submitter will make sure that your video is seen by tens of thousands of users, increasing traffic to your sites while boosting your earnings — saving you a lot of time and making your work flow more efficient.

It sounds like a perfect opportunity for today’s traffic starved and down staffed sites, where automation can leverage a smaller workforce to produce bigger results — the type of help that programs bringing their traffic generation in-house need in order to replace a lot of the work previously done by affiliates — as well as being a solution for affiliates who need a competitive advantage.

All of these factors work together to make Tube Sites Submitter worth a closer look:

One of the first things that a user needs to do when undertaking a tube campaign is to register an account and create a profile at the site being submitted to. Here, Chameleon’s Tube Sites Submitter allows you to create an unlimited number of profiles and use proxy settings for individual profiles if desired, with flexible login and password settings.

An easy to use login and password manager will help you keep track of your account information, so you’ll never be “locked out.”

The system allows users to register for hundreds of tube sites in a couple of minutes (depending upon your connection speed), with automatic and manual registration modes, according to tube site rules, along with automatic form completion to speed the process. Auto registration to tube sites is possible for up to 10 sites at the same time, while those sites requiring a manual registration process can be catered to using up to 10 registration windows at the same time.

Tube site information can be edited during the registration step, and after registration to a tube site, users will receive a status report. Once registered, the optional Chameleon Confirmer automated confirmation tool can speed up the process of account completion.

Chameleon Confirmer allows users to confirm dozens of registration emails in a mere matter of seconds. After this process, which will take around 12 minutes with Confirmer, you can begin to use the tube site account and start uploading videos.

Getting back to Tube Sites Submitter, niche marketers will be pleased to note that there are more than 200 submission categories, and that each video can be uploaded to as many as six niche categories per submission.

A variety of different length descriptions can be added to each video, as can 2257 information in order to comply with federal recordkeeping requirements. Full video data including the video duration, file size and format, along with content-type information and an array of tags are also added.

The most common video types can be uploaded, including AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPG and WMV, depending upon the specific requirements of the individual tube sites.

Uploads can be set to occur automatically, with a scheduler allowing for submissions at your own pace. Automatic video uploads are possible at up to 10 tubes simultaneously, with manual uploads able to use up to 10 windows at the same time.

Automatic form completion during manual submissions, along with the recognition of CAPTCHA codes, plus the ability to upload videos via a proxy server, delivers speed and flexibility. Of course, videos are only uploaded to those tube sites meeting the submission parameters, preventing declines due to rule breaking.

Another handy feature is the ability to create, edit and delete groups of tube sites, which allows better targeting and a more efficient work flow.

As with most processes, submissions are covered by Chameleon’s video tutorials, dramatically lowering the learning curve.

Tube Sites Submitter includes all software upgrades and regular database updates for free, with each fully automatic upgrade adding new tube sites, repairing invalid site data and removing dead tube sites from the database.

Tube Sites Submitter is available with three purchase options: $299 for one full year; or a $29.95 recurring monthly subscription; or a three month recurring subscription for $88.95, providing financing flexibility.