A Blogger’s Best Friend

Stephen Yagielowicz
Adult blogging is all the rage now, with poor-conversion weary webmasters seeking an alternative to traditional gallery posting and ever-more sponsors providing pre-made blog text, daily updated RSS feeds and other tools to make “pseudo-blogging” more efficient.

The latest blogging tool to hit the market comes from XBIZ community member Dino Cortez, who this week announced the release of his Blog Post Wizard; a new Windows application designed to increase the productivity of bloggers promoting adult affiliate programs while reducing common and costly errors.

According to its creator, Blog Post Wizard is a simple, form-based program that is template-driven, allows for users to create custom templates to suit individual needs and includes a standard library of common promotional data elements. The program instantly produces formatted HTML that can be cut-and-pasted into other blogging applications.

Blog Post Wizard handles some of the trickier and more repetitive tasks of post creation, letting users focus on producing quality content without worrying about coding or the various issues associated with common blog editors, all in an effort to boost productivity for promotional bloggers.

You can download an evaluation version of Blog Post Wizard for free by visiting b2b.DinoCortez.com – and take advantage of a special $20 registration offer if the program suits your needs. Check it out!