WIA Profile: Melissa Campos

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How did you get into the business?

If you stand by your word and hold your moral compass strong, word begins to spread that you are a good person and company to do business with.

I was in real estate law for 10 years managing a team of 25 processors. We decided to move across country from Florida to California and I found my way to Kim Nielsen the president/owner of ATKingdom. Even though I had no experience in the adult industry Kim decided to take a chance on me. I started learning every position in the company and moved my way up to business development manager. My position started out as a temporary one as I felt my career was in real estate. After a couple months I realized that this was indeed my true calling for my life and career. I found a home in the adult industry that I never had in real estate. My only regret was that I did not find ATKingdom sooner in my career.

What in your background prepared you for what you are doing now?

I love to talk to people, I learned that from my southern upbringing. Kim Nielsen tells me I have the southern gift of gab which will get you far in this industry. When managing my team in Florida I learned very quickly that your team is made up of individuals and not just a mass of people. Every one works at different paces and has different things that motivate them. Once you get to know people on a personal level it is easier to help motivate them and get everyone to work toward a common goal. Working at ATKingdom is on a smaller scale but the same basic management theories apply.

What do you see as the challenges of working in the adult online business? How do you overcome them?

I believe the hardest challenge in the industry is getting people to trust you. As an outsider coming in no one knows who you are or what you stand for. Getting the first person to have faith in you is the hardest. If you stand by your word and hold your moral compass strong, word begins to spread that you are a good person and company to do business with. At the end of the day your word is what you are left with and if people believe that your word is not any good you will not make it in this industry or any where else. When I make a promise to someone I do everything in my power to follow through with it. Doing that gives people confidence in you that not only do you do what is good for your company but you have their best interest at heart as well.

Does your work life affect your personal life?

I am very lucky that my husband is also in the industry so he understands that in order to have a successful company you need to eat, breathe and live your job. Of course, we go on vacation but we do not go any where that does not have cell service. I am available to anyone in our company at any time, all they have to do it call, text or email me and I will be there. Always being available to the company does not bother me at all because I love what I do. Sometimes it does get overwhelming but I just take a breath and move on, nothing stops just because I am having a moment. I would not trade my job or my team for anything.