Uncovering Regional Tastes

Marc Jarrett
The web is the world’s first truly global medium and is truly perfect for adult, because a picture really does say more than a thousand words, whatever language the surfer speaks.

Since IP addresses are effectively Internet IDs that identify which country a surfer is from, it is possible to communicate with the surfer is their own native language.

Indeed, several of the larger dating sites have been using this technology for some time now, honing in on the surfer’s hometown and advising him, somewhat misleadingly, that an Angelina Jolie look-alike is desperate for some action with him right now!

We have harnessed this powerful technology so that when it comes to the important bit – paying you – the entire sales process is conducted in one of 37 languages.

This has revealed some interesting insights into the sexual preferences of the global village. For instance, we are finding that gay traffic is converting particularly well in the Arabic markets. No prizes for figuring out why.

Asian traffic seems to prefer all things fetish, whilst Germans seem to be into Asian and extreme. As for Austrians, they cannot seem to get enough BBW. No surprises that anal converts great in Greece. As for Latin America, they would appear to like a bit of everything.

With so many niches and variables, this is not a precise science; but one thing is for sure: surfers prefer being sold to in a language they understand – their own. With this in mind, we have recently made our database of phrases that have been translated into 37 languages available to all webmasters that implement our billing solution.

A surfer from Japan, for example, is much more likely to part with his hard earned Yen if he sees anything in Japanese.

Anyone stubbornly sticking with English during the sales process is depriving themselves of sales from surfers that were visiting their site anyway. As you read this, someone, somewhere in the world, is going online for the very first time and the chances are that he will have access to your website and might stumble across it one day.

Chances also are that he will not be able to read English – since most of the world can’t. He will understand what you are trying to sell – sex has global appeal, irrespective of country, language or race, but he may not understand how to complete the transaction.

To deprive him of the opportunity of paying you is doing both him and your bank balance an enormous injustice.