My Newest Sponsors

Stephen Yagielowicz
As we put a few “finishing touches” on the latest version of one of our long-time sites, the time came to sign up with a couple of new sponsors to round out our offerings.

While these are not “new” sponsors in the sense of being new to the market, they are, at least in two cases, new for us – and today, I’ll tell you about them and why they were chosen to be the recipients of our low volume (but relatively high quality) traffic.

The first of these is Pornication’s live cam offerings. While I had offered Pornication feeds from the member’s areas of my old AVS network, I dropped them a few years ago when I closed that network over 2257 issues. Now a part of the Gammae family, I’ve added them to our TGP/MGP not only because of the quality of their feeds, but because of the efforts of Nancy Moore, my affiliate rep, who not only encouraged my addition of them, but helped me come up with the best presentation of the feeds for our site.

This brings up one of the most important factors in choosing a sponsor: finding a rep that will go the extra mile to work with you, even if you’re not a major affiliate sending many thousands of signups. I could care less about promises of “a million dollars per signup” or “a chance to win a gold-plated Porsche” – just give me an honest payout and someone to work with me that understands the program.

The other two sponsors were added yesterday. The first was FTVCash, home of the “First Time Video” girls. Their content not only fits in well with our amateur site, but the depth and variety of their free hosted galleries and other promo tools makes this an easy choice. These weren’t really the reasons I signed up, though. For my part, I’ve seen their galleries and enjoyed the high-quality, compelling solo-girl content they offered and considered the site to be on my short list of “worthwhile” pay sites. But the truth is that it was Fiona.

As part of my wife’s duties as ASACP’s Membership Compliance Coordinator, it’s her job to perform periodic member site reviews to ensure that everything is kosher. During one of these visits, she discovered Fiona Luv and some tantalizing pics of her “tootsies.” Having a foot fetish, my wife marveled at Fiona’s feet and while going over her website opined that “this is something that I’d join.” If you can get her to pull out her credit card – or even consider doing it – then that’s a site I want to promote.

The other program was Mayor’s Money, and once again, it was partly because of a specific model that the program promotes (Brooke Skye). While Brooke may be a bit over-exposed these days, she has undeniably one of the best-converting sites out there from what I’ve heard. Talk is one thing, tools are another, however and Mayor’s Money offers some of the most innovative promotional tools that I’ve seen from any program; and with several other popular, good-converting models, backed by folks that have been around for quite awhile, I’m anxious to incorporate their offerings into our site.

From flexible geo-IP targeted ads to easy fan signs, custom content, endless galleries and a pretty hot simulated chat tool, plus sites with abundant hi-definition videos guaranteed to satisfy discriminating surfers, this program seems to be another winner.

So there you have it: some of the factors that lead me to join one particular program over another; support, sites that convert and innovative marketing tools to promote them with. You’ll notice that payout level played no part in any of these choices, but that’s a story for another day. In the meantime, feel free to use the links here to check these proggies out for yourself; sure, they have my code in them, but it won’t cost you a dime and may indeed make you quite a bit of money…