InterNext: Las Vegas, January 2002: Day 3

Stephen Yagielowicz

The final day of the show was once again jam-packed and energy filled, but after the expected late start. Still, with only an hour left to go, the show floor is bristling with excitement...

Tuesday Morning
The last day of the show was (as usual) a slow-starting affair, as folks crawled in from wherever they slept the night before. They were the lucky ones, as for a few party goers, it still WAS "the night before." There was a fair turnout for the XBiz "power breakfast" at the Venetian Hotel, and Alec Helmy was gracious enough to pick up the tab for those who bravely made it down that early in the morning ~ thanks, boss!

Breakfast led to business, and business led to pleasure as I arrived upon the massive show floor. It appeared eerily deserted in comparison to the previous afternoon, a situation which would soon change after everyone had their coffee and held on for one more day. Everything is a blur now, as I battle the "Vegas Crud" and whimper along with my crackly "Vegas Voice" - the air being so dry here that it makes it hard to speak sometimes. By mid afternoon, the show floor was packed once again with those looking for last-minute deals.

Click the pics for a closer look:

Enter Here
Princess Never Stops
FreeNetPass Dave & Co.
Xamo Rules!
Dark Lady, WildCat
& Twinkley

More Seminars!

I have just enough time to back it back down to the floor before it closes, and I'll be bringing you a wrap up later this week. In the meantime, check out the latest videos:

National Net Flyin' High
KliXXX Magazine ~ Read It!
Media Makes the Rounds

I've got to go now and mix some business and pleasure; so till next time: Enjoy! ~ Stephen