InterNext: Las Vegas, January 2002: Day 2

Stephen Yagielowicz

The second day of the show was also jam-packed and energy filled, with an upbeat enthusiasm that was hard to deny as both new and experienced Webmasters worked deals and roamed the aisles in dizzying wonderment. Of course, some had fallen prey to the previous night's festivities.

Monday Morning
Do you know what TRUE obscenity is? An early morning wake-up call: With a ringing of the bell, I was up and out of bed, bright and early this morning. Well, early anyways. After a power breakfast with LJ, Marsha and Alec, I was on my way to the Sands Expo Center where a room full of eager faces beamed up at me, hoping for a few words of wisdom that would solve their traffic woes. This morning I was speaking on "The Traffic Generation: How to optimize your traffic revenue" and was well enough received that folks came up and thanked me throughout the day. "Cool" I thought, not remembering a single thing I had said earlier: Oh well, that's InterNext for you, and at least I was on time, and had the least blood shot eyes of the bunch...

Once that was over, I went back up to the killer and oh so visible XBiz booth to greet passing Webmasters and shoot some more stills and video clips, which you'll find below. Princess and Lady Sharlot, Spider, Raven and Tev, Lady Jag, PM Games, Junkiefred and TheMack among others were all in attendance, and the atmosphere was full of excitement.

Click the pics for a closer look:

XBiz' Popular Booth
Seminar Panelists
Learning Something New
Wildcat's Working It
with Lee Noga
Wildcat's Working It
with ibill
Wildcat's Working It
with my pal Oz
SE Guru Having Lunch
The Web's Newest Amateur
Never Know What You'll See!
Another Day At The Office
RB Making "Deals"

Steve Wilson Takes Charge

Monday Afternoon

2:00PM brought another seminar, but this time I found myself in the audience, learning about "The Amateur Evolution: The newest niche grows up." Since you can never have enough fun with amateur porn stars (heck, I married one), Lady Jag and I will be heading over to the Girls Of The Internet (GOTI) party tonight, if she's feeling up to it: apparently Twinkley was feeding copious amounts of alcohol to LJ last night, and the Mrs showed up back at the hotel quite happy, but just a wee bit tipsy...

Lady Sharlot and Princess
with Kath from AdultBuzz
Free Speech Coalition
working for our rights
The seminars are a great
place to learn and network
Wildcat from HELMY Cash
and Allison from MaxCash
Having fun & games at
the MaxCash Booth

Well, this IS the "XBiz"
after all...

I've got to go now and mix some business and pleasure; so till next time: Enjoy! ~ Stephen

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