A Helping Hand

Stephen Yagielowicz
One of the downsides to today’s powerful software applications is the often-step learning curves associated with them. The latest of these powerful tools to challenge me is Adobe Photoshop CS2 – the newest version of this time-honored photo/image editing classic; but a program that I’ve spent precious little time attempting to master – until now.

While I’ve done image editing for many years, I always relied on Micrografx tools, since when I started in web design back in ‘94, Photoshop was still print-centric, and lacked the sophisticated tools required for smart JPEG saving, GIF optimization and other online image manipulation necessities that we take for granted today. Photoshop quickly caught up to speed, but it was only recently that I made the switch; so now, I’m learning the ins and outs of this flexible powerhouse.

Aiding me in this quest for knowledge is a how-to manual I picked up, called “Adobe Photoshop CS2 – The Art of Photographing Women” by Kevin Ames (ISBN 0-470-04825-5), a 416-page text that delves into everything from manipulating RAW files to performing a wide variety of useful techniques for the glamour photographer and / or adult designer. The $34.99 price tag is worth every penny.

If, like me, you’re looking for the fast-track to Photoshop success, this is the ticket!