Scripting Treasures Volume 1

Stephen Yagielowicz

Santa brought me a new laptop for Christmas, and while I'm in the process of transferring files from my old box to my new, I've begun uncovering lots of treasures. To start off the New Year, here's a selection from my collection of digital "Post-It" Notes. Enjoy:

Play An Audio Clip OnMouseOver
Ever wish you could have some hot chick purring "Cum In" when a surfer hovered over your "Enter" link (or any of a hundred other cool uses)? Here's the code:

<A href="#" onMouseOver="'sound.wav'">TEXT or IMAGE</A>
<BGSOUND src="#" id=music loop=1 autostart="true">

Status Bar Masking OnMouseOver
Here's a trick that many newbies want to know how to do, even though most uses of it will be considered "blind linking" and may cause problems with sponsors and link lists, etc. Just add this code within your linking code:

onmouseout="self.status='';return true"
onmouseover="self.status='DESIRED TEXT';return true"

Launch Multiple OnClick Events
Sometimes you wish to fire multiple JavaScripts using a single event handler. One example is using a button to launch a new window while simultaneously changing (or NOT changing) the launching page. There are lots of cool applications for this, and here's a handy snippet of the underlying code to help you along your way. Put this first part in your <HEAD>:

<SCRIPT language="Javascript">
function MultiFuncs() {

onclick="'', '_blank',

onclick="'', '_self')"



Then add this part to the button, text, or image link you wish to use:


Hotlinking Protection With .htaccess
To prevent content theft on Apache Webservers with mod_rewrite, make a secure content directory then put all your images and other content you wish to protect into that directory, ensuring that all of your image URLs point to this location. Then make an ".htaccess" file for this directory that contains:

AuthUserFile /dev/null
AuthGroupFile /dev/null

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^ [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^ [NC]
RewriteRule /* [R,L]

Change the domain name values to match your site, then upload this file in ASCII mode into the directory you wish to protect. Calls for content in that directory that come from OUTSIDE the URLs specified above will be redirected to the URL specified.

My Favorite Script Sources
Here's a bookmark collection that shows locations for finding just about any script you wish to have, and quite a few you probably didn't know existed, but may want to have later :)

Well there you have it: a few choice JavaScripts to spice up your pages, a quick bit of code to protect those pages, and a directory of all things scripting. Here's to a "dynamic" New Year!

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