Dev Depot: Cloud Typography

Stephen Yagielowicz

Cloud.typography from H&FJ (, is a webfont solution for design professionals that allows all of your communications to speak in the same clear voice. According to the company, webfonts give users a consistent voice, help you articulate content, improve user engagement, assist search ranking, enhance website performance, create a streamlined workflow, offer universal delivery and infinite scalability; and more than just providing a pretty face, webfonts play an essential role in helping your website meet its most important goals.

If those sound like features that your website could benefit, then read on.

Not just designed to bring great print fonts to the screen, Cloud.typography was built to create web typography of consistent quality that allows users to speak in the same clear voice across many channels

“Cloud.typography takes the guesswork out of using fonts online,” says an H&FJ rep. “It starts with one of the world’s most sophisticated type libraries, completely redesigned for the screen, and [is] engineered to be crisp and clear at even the smallest sizes.”

“Cloud.typography is a 100 percent CSS solution that’s simple to set up, painless to integrate with your existing site, and designed to grow with you from development through production,” the rep added. “With advanced typographic controls that designers love, Cloud.typography is a whole new way to make typography a meaningful part of your online experience.”

Cloud.typography is managed by a powerful and intuitive web interface and delivered by Akamai’s robust CDN for the utmost in speed and reliability — quickly serving each browser with exactly the right type of webfonts in a cost-effective way that will satisfy even the biggest websites.

Not just designed to bring great print fonts to the screen, Cloud.typography was built to create web typography of consistent quality that allows users to speak in the same clear voice across many channels — challenging your ideas about what’s possible on the web.

“Fonts are more than an author’s handwriting, they’re tools for articulating information,” the H&FJ rep explains. “Cloud.typography gives designers the tools they need to communicate in the ways that [your] readers deserve.”

The rep notes that Cloud.typography webfonts offer rich style palettes and deep character sets, to help designers deliver content with clarity, subtlety, and distinction. This level of quality and functionality improves user engagement by removing the barriers between your text and your readers — and between your text and search engines.

“Unlike type in an image, type in a webfont is real text: it’s searchable and selectable by readers, it magnifies crisply to any size, it works with in-browser translation services, it’s clear at any resolution, and it can be used in dynamic page elements such as search bars and forms,” the rep explained. “Machines can read webfonts, too, and the more of your site a search engine can see the better.”

Webfonts are also able to enhance a website’s performance by reducing its payload and also help to create a more streamlined workflow.

For example, instead of delivering a separate image for each piece of styled text, a webfont is delivered as a single file, customized for each browser, so no webfont ever contains any excess data, providing an advantage over generic self-hosted solutions. Cloud.typography also allows users to change their site’s typography without Photoshop and styles dynamic content such as news feeds, as well as user-driven content and other forms of site personalization. Webfonts makes localization easier too, allowing the same font to satisfy every language that your content is available in.

If you’re looking for a robust solution to taking typography to the next level, then check out Cloud.typography and see if it will suit your style.


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