WIA Profile: Hone Lynn

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What is your role and responsibility at your company?

Even though my official title is director of marketing and webmaster relations, I wear several hats and more closely fall under the category of “Jill of all trades.”

Even though my official title is director of marketing and webmaster relations, I wear several hats and more closely fall under the category of “Jill of all trades.” I handle affiliate support, maintain a board presence, write press releases, newsletter and board announcements, write gallery descriptions and a portion of text on some of our tours and negotiate new advertising and traffic deals. I am on the constant lookout for new WTS cross sales to buy, I act as the face of Sunny Dollars at the shows and do most of the PR work. I even come up with domain names for some of our sites.

Give us a typical Monday at your desk?

This is a basic, in-a-nutshell look at a Monday with Hone Lynn. The roundup of ICQs begins, followed closely by a stampede of emails, and I begin the process of herding them in. By 9 a.m., I write weekly gallery descriptions for all new FHGs for the week plus any other text that may need writing, like announcements, press releases, newsletters. The emails and ICQs continue to moo at me. Around 11 a.m.: board whore! Gotta keep Mr. Red’s face out there and let everyone know what an awesome program Sunny Dollars is. Around 12 p.m., a quick lunch at my desk while answering support emails. When 1 p.m. rolls around, it’s time to research and contact companies using WTS to let them know we pay top dollar for WTS cross sales. At 3 p.m. I check into new advertising options, negotiate pricing. By 5 p.m., I revisit the boards, finish up any last-minute deals, texts, ICQs and emails and then call it a day by 6 p.m.

What do you think is your greatest challenge or asset being a woman in the adult industry?

The greatest challenge is being taken seriously and not being seen as talent.

What strategies do you use to maintain balance in your life?

I have several strategies that help me find time for both work and family, as well as keep my head on straight. Since I work remotely, I have found that giving myself a set time to start and stop work really helps keep me from living, eating and sleeping in my office. That makes my boyfriend and my animals all pretty happy because they actually get to see me a few hours a day without my head buried in my laptop. I get up around 5 a.m. every morning to do a five-mile bike ride followed by tai chi and/or a workout in the home gym. Exercise is extremely important to me, since I sit on my butt all day long. Lastly, as crazy as it may sound, I meditate. I love working in this industry, but without some kind of balance, burnout happens, and I don’t want that.

What advice would you give other women who want to enter your field?

You may have to take jobs you aren’t especially thrilled with at first, but take them anyway. Learn not only your responsibilities but as many others as you can as well. Do them better than anyone. Lather, rinse, repeat. Go to shows, get on the boards, meet people and let people know who you are. I am convinced the best jobs in this industry come via word of mouth from someone you know who knows someone you may not. They can make the introduction, but it is your experience and reputation that will land you the gig.