NS Novelties: Great Expectations

Lyn Bimey

Two years ago NS Novelties launched with a selection of more than 100 new and innovative products. Distributors around the world quickly recognized how NS Novelties’ fresh and eye-catching packaging and unique product line would appeal to their customer base.

“Before long, word of NS Novelties’ appeal spread throughout the industry and in a short time NSN had become a recognizable name within distributor and retail circles,” said Lavi Yedid, director of operations for NS Novelties. “Since then, NSN has presented a new collection twice a year at the ANME show (followed by the introduction of the products at Erofame in Europe).”

Our primary intention has always been to be recognized as a company that has developed innovative, unique, and original products. -Lavi Yedid

One of the cornerstones NSN’s product appeal has been the use of new materials and new technologies developed specifically by NSN in order to deliver superior products to the market place.

“This drive towards breaking new frontiers continues today with a relentless effort in utilizing better material, better performance components, and not relying on existing methods employed by the competition,” Yedid said. “One example would be the use of colored glass in our Crystal line. While many of our competitors use clear glass which is cheaper and easier to make, we opt for more expensive colored glass which has greater aesthetic appeal to a wider range of consumers. Another example comes from our Infinit vibrator which boasts a higherend aluminum handle and comes with a motor placed in each of its three bendable arms. The bending capabilities, which will also make an appearance in the company’s soon-to-release Serenity wand, is a departure from existing vibrator experiences and truly sets it apart from the competition.”

One of the major founding principles employed from the very beginning has been NSN’s belief in its products, Yedid says.

“If we’re not 100 percent satisfied with the fact that we can deliver something we truly believe in (in terms of sexual satisfaction and in providing something new and unique to the market place), than the product does not end up in our collection,” he said. “It’s as simple as that. We’re the biggest critic of our products and we have to be 100 percent satisfied with each development. Our personal stamp of approval is required on every new product added to a collection.”

NSN also continues to expand on its signature packaging and keeps a cohesive front in presenting products to consumers.

In less than two years, NS Novelties has been nominated for awards, been covered in both mainstream and industry publications. Yedid says among its most notable accomplishments is having developed a following of consumers who believe strongly in the product line.

“Securing distributors in the USA that see the potential of our product line and gaining both their support and belief in NSN also ranks as one of our greatest accomplishments,” he said. “Knowing that with so many products available in the marketplace our acceptance by retailers and distributors is pivotal, we are incredibly thankful for all for their amazing support.

“Finally, our growth outside the USA has even eclipsed our domestic growth. With incredible support teams in Australia, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and many other countries around the globe, NSN is quickly becoming an international brand recognized and carried by the best distributors and retailers everywhere. With each passing day, there seems to be an increase in the number of outlets that want to make NSN a part of their product selection.”

According to Yedid, NS Novelties European warehouse in partnership with international brand management company, Lucom, gave the brand a quick expansion into the E.U. marketplace.

“Having the product readily available on the continent provided for quick turn-around for distributors looking to restock their shelves as well as retailers who are able to get products at great price points and with no delays in delivery,” Yedid said. “The E.U. warehouse has allowed our growth throughout Europe to move at a much faster pace, than if we had we relied solely on a single warehouse in the USA.”

NS Novelties’ range includes more than 250 items and the company continues to develop products in a variety of categories. NSN features the Renegade line of male oriented products, Crystal Glass featuring vibrant glass in an assortment of colors, Jolie Plugs featuring the Jolie Pleasure, Jolie Ripple and Jolie Platinum collections, a selection of vibrators and bullets (including our Glace, Decoller, Nouvelle, etc.) and many more. More recently introduced has been the hit, soft bondage line, Sinful.

“It started in embossed pink, and after record sales it will soon be joined by the Sinful Black releases,” Yedid said. “We release products every month. We try and keep it to a manageable selection so distributors and stores can easily assimilate it into their selection. We preview new items at the January and July ANME shows and release said products in the following months.”

In addition to expanding its range of products, NSN also has tapped a handful of industry vets to join the qualified team.

“All the best intentions and all the best preparations would have fallen flat had it not been for the amazing effort our personnel has provided us,” Yedid said. “Each member of the team has brought many years of experience with them and their connections and knowledge of the industry has been a major reason for our success. Sales executives Sunny Rodgers and Leslie Shwartzer have over 30 years of combined industry-specific sales experience, sales rep Miranda Doyle has brought product development and purchasing experience into the fold, President Scott Taylor and vice president of global sales, Belle Casten have brought their relentless efforts and drive coupled with decades of industry knowledge and contacts.”

Yedid himself also brings extensive, prior experience in product development and merged together into a team that believes in the product they sell and has furthered the success of the company.

“Our primary intention has always been to be recognized as a company that has developed innovative, unique, and original products,” Yedid said. “These are words often used within the industry but oftentimes companies fall short. With products like the Infinit, (featuring an Aluminum handle, bendable arms, and three individually controlled motors) we are showcasing our ability to deliver an incredibly innovative product. With so many people’s attention drawn to our new products and really being the ‘talk of the show’ is an indication that we really are breaking new ground all the time. With the Infint release this past month, our next ‘it’ item is the Serenity wand, showcased at the most recent July ANME show. Every customer who walked into the booth was enthusiastic about this new addition and when people are unanimously stating that they ‘cannot wait to get it into our collection’ and are all wanting to know of its availability, NSN’s efforts have been validated. Our direction is one the distributors and retailers are ready to embrace.”