WIA Profile: Shaliza Somani

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What is your role and responsibility at your company?

My main role is to oversee the Toronto sales and marketing department.

My main role is to oversee the Toronto sales and marketing department. We focus primarily on expanding our distribution as well as management and support for ePassporte business accounts. My department also is responsible for constructing new products and updates, so we spend a lot of time on creative design and development.

Give us a typical Monday at your desk?

I usually start the day off by hitting the snooze button four or five times. LOL! Mondays are mad. Everyone at our company uses Monday as a way to lay out the action items for the week to come. It’s a busy day, lots of meetings, progress assessments, deadlines and all the usual stuff. Having a solid Monday is important to ensure our week is as productive as possible.

What do you think is your greatest challenge or asset being a woman in the adult industry?

I don’t think my challenges are any different than anyone else’s in the industry. In the end, all of us are working hard to achieve the goals we have laid out for ourselves. My mentors in business are both male and female, and whether I follow in Michael Dell or Ruth Parasol’s footsteps, it’s all the same to me.

What strategies do you use to maintain balance in your life?

After a hard day at work, I like to go home, put up a picture of Chris Mallick on my wall and have a fun game of darts. It helps me unwind. All joking aside, it’s hard to find the right balance between your career and your personal life, but I think a little planning goes a long way. I schedule my social life and my alone time in advance, and I try to stick to it. Most of the time this works but there are instances when emergencies come up or deadlines must be met.

What advice would you give other women who want to enter your field?

Commit yourself and look at the company as if it is your very own. EPassporte is my little baby, and I take pride in knowing I make a difference on a day-to-day basis regardless of whether I’m offering help to an account holder or presenting an idea to the CEO. For me, really understanding the business means you get hands on at every level. This philosophy has helped me understand the business from the ground up and with much more detail.