DVDs as another distribution method

There is certainly alot of push for Video-on-Demand and digital delivery (that’s why Acacia got so excited that they claimed to have the mother of all patents for video delivery over the internet - which is being knocked down), but DVD sales are still strong, just like people are still using Phone Sex lines when there are live webcams where you can talk, type, and see.

I am noticing a trend of Internet content people looking to go with DVD as another distribution method. Video on the Internet is what all adult sites are using. Then there was the push to use P2P, and now mobile, but many are starting to look back at DVD as another way to increase their revenue.

The whole push towards the “reality” websites was really driven by cost. Rather than purchasing high-end (and expensive) video from content producers, anyone could get a DV camera (lighting if they were even trying), and a handful of dollars to higher talent to be in their video. With the use of video editors and DVD authoring software, anyone can create a DVD product, and being “amateur” the quality didn’t have to be as high (or as expensive) as your Playboy quality videos.

The Internet allowed anyone to put up a website and be able to distribute their video through VOD (pay per minute) or as part of a membership paysite.

Trying to go into brick-and-mortar with getting your content sold in an adult store takes alot of work and there are many middlemen who will take their cut.

Those that produce their own content and distribute from their website, can now start to look at publishing their content onto DVD’s. To sell their DVD’s through their website in their own online store for their members, or for surfers who visit the site, and could opt to just buy the DVD, rather than become a member.

Members who might be cancelling, could preserve their experience by buying a compilation or DVD title from the website.

Some say they prefer watching porn on their TV, in the comfort of their couch, rather than in their lumbar-supported desk chair on their monitor.

Consumers do watch Adult DVD’s as evident by Adult DVD online stores, NetFlix stype online services, as well as the brick and mortar stores.

The Video side of the industry who already had DVDs as their main source of distribution, saw the Internet as another method of delivery. It seems that now the Internet folks are starting to see DVD’s as another method of delivery.

With the ease of video editoring software and equipment, the challenge then is of making the DVD’s that people would order.

You can certainly burn a few on your own DVD burner, maybe even going up to a duplicator, but then you have to deal with printing on the disc, the DVD case cover, and then finally packaging and shipping.

There are many production companies out there that can take your master DVD digital file and artwork and do batch runs of 250, 500, 1000,etc. You have to sink in some capital to get your inventory then work on distribution (ie. packaging up and mailing).

For those shooting their own content for their websites, don't overlook the DVD as another revenue stream.

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