A Dream Realized: Pipedream Products Celebrates ‘40 Years of Pleasure’

Ariana Rodriguez

This year, international pleasure products manufacturer Pipedream Products celebrates “40 Years of Pleasure.” Producing bestselling brands across the spectrum of pleasure products and adult novelties, Chatsworth, Calif.- based Pipedream Products hit its stride in 1992 with the addition of Nick Orlandino, who now serves as the company’s CEO.

In 1992, Orlandino relocated to Los Angeles from New York and joined Pipedream Products as vice president of sales/marketing. In 1994, he became a partner in the corporation at the age of 23, and today Orlandino continues to run all day-to-day operations at Pipedream.

There’s been a pattern of people trying to figure out my formula. “How is he doing this?” It’s product, it’s commitment. …We have a dream team that believes in what I’m selling and shares the same passion. -Nick Orlandino, CEO of Pipe dream Products

“When I walked in here we had seven employees, now we operate on 150,000 square feet and have 250 employees,” Orlandino said. “Pipedream’s also now distributed in over 110 countries.”

With roots in the novelty gifts industry, Pipedream not only stayed true to its beginnings but with the addition of Orlandino, expanded the scope of its range of products to offer everything from traditional sex toys to high-end designs in virtually every category, from lingerie to fetish products and life-size masturbators.

In addition to pleasure product brands, Pipedream Products has made a name for itself worldwide as a leader in merchandising and retailer support, thanks to its state-of-the-art Planogrammer software and Pipedream University training.

“Pipedream is known as a leader in packaging, merchandising, product design and marketing,” Orlandino said. “Our planogram software is the best in the industry and has given us a tremendous amount of shelf space around the world.”

According to Orlandino, while the company has reached several milestones in its 40 years, it’s the sheer volume of its growing production that’s most remarkable. “We shipped over 15 million units last year and we’re coming up on 20 million this year,” he said.

Orlandino says that his vision for Pipedream has materialized and is still emerging.

“We’re celebrating our 40th year and letting people know that we’re going to keep growing continuously, globally,” Orlandino said. “My vision was to have a very well-rounded line and now we have one of the most comprehensive brand portfolios in the industry. Our entire showroom is branded with categories and sub-categories.”

“It’s been a crazy road for all of us,” Orlandino said. “Things have changed dramatically for all of us personally as well as in business.”

In his tenure with the company, Orlandino has seen Pipedream earn international accolades within the industry and mainstream. Orlandino also has earned multiple individual executive awards, including two Hall of Fame titles and Business Man of the Year.

In a previous article, Orlandino told XBIZ that he takes a hands-on approach to leading his company by participating in the development process of Pipedream’s products from start to finish.

“I have a passion for this industry like no other,” Orlandino said. “It’s my business and my hobby, and I won’t stop working until I’m in a coffin. I’m completely hands-on from A to Z. I know everything and everyone in our facility. My office has two doors and both are always open to talk to employees. We’re nimble; we move quickly to stay competitive.”

Pipedream’s tight-knit “Dream Team” also collaborates to offer the ultimate retailer support. During its Pipedream University seminars, the full team participates to each impart their own unique wisdom. During the event, a tutorial and hands-on training on Pipedream’s exclusive Planogrammer merchandising software is provided. Featuring the voice of Pipedream Brand Ambassador Cheryl Flangel, Planogrammer FAQ videos are also available online that explain the different functionalities of the program.

Flangel, as well as Pipedream Vice President of Sales Steve Sav, Vice President of Product Development Rob Phaneuf, and visual merchandiser Briana Honz provide feedback and they attempt to attend all PDU trainings, given that they are not out on the field.

What results from Pipedream’s team effort, Orlandino says, are exciting, off-the-wall products that make people laugh, think and then buy. Success, however, also breeds imitators.

“There’s been a pattern of people trying to figure out my formula,” Orlandino said. “‘How is he doing this?’ It’s product, it’s commitment. The difference between Pipedream and the competition is that we have a dream team that believes in what I’m selling and shares the same passion.”

While competitors attempt to replicate Pipedream’s success, Orlandino says Pipedream will continue to redefine the industry.

“We’re not done yet — not even close to done,” Orlandino said. “There’s another milestone that we’re working on. We’re preparing to make a major announcement in September. … We will be making some changes at Pipedream that will really push us to the next level.”