Creating An Adult Web Site, Part 4

Mark Farlow

my last article I created a free thumbnail gallery site complete with Warning, index and gallery pages, all set to start receiving traffic. Before I start sending traffic to my site however, I want to make sure I optimize the use of that traffic. So today I'm going to discuss managing the traffic that comes to the site.

For reference, I've created a resources page that lists many of the links I have in this article. If you remember from the last article, I created a Free site under a folder of my domain. The site included a warning page, a full page ad, an index, and two gallery pages, Gallery 1 and Gallery 2. I have also linked the site to my HUB page via a link at the bottom of the hub. I have also placed a Full Page ad between the HUB and the Warning page of the site.

Know Your Traffic
Since this a Thumbnail Gallery site, it is safe to assume that the majority of my traffic will come from TGPs. However I will also be receiving traffic from Link Lists, Search Engines, and my HUB page. It is important to realize that not all traffic is the same. For example, with search engine traffic, the surfer is more likely to buy, than with say a TGP surfer. Therefore, I will need to know where the traffic is coming from and handle it differently in each case. I need to create entry points to the site that will be used by the different types of traffic, and I will also need to handle the exit traffic a bit differently for each.

Types Of Traffic
As I've stated there are different types of traffic, all of which have each has its own unique characteristics. The types of traffic I am most interested are:

· Thumbnail Gallery Posts
· Link Lists
· Top Sites
· Search Engines
· Links from my own sites

For this article I'm going to concentrate on handling the traffic from within the site itself. This is the traffic that is coming off of the HUB page. By taking care of this traffic first, I can lay the foundation for the other traffic sources. It will also ensure that no matter how someone gets into my site, They will either go off to my sponsor, or stay inside my sites.

The Exit Console
A highly effective method of prompting your sponsor is through the use of exit consoles. An exit console is a window that pops up when the surfer leaves your page. By using consoles, you can keep sending the surfer to your own pages. It is possible to redirect the surfer back to your site no matter what he does.

The use of exit consoles has stirred quite a debate among webmasters. Some webmasters say that they are wrong, and will lead a surfer to run from your site never to return. Other webmasters believe that since they are giving away free porn, they have all the right in the world to abuse surfers however they see fit. The truth is, exit consoles are great marketing tools when used properly. Exit consoles supply you with an opportunity to sell the surfer one last time before they leave your site. It is important to take advantage of this!

Exit consoles can also be used to keep your surfer moving through your site. For example, I use an exit console off of my index page to take the surfer back to my hub page. If they didn't like what I was promoting on my free site, well, they just might like something else on my hub page.

Exit consoles are easy to implement. First you need to create a page that has some ads on it. Next you need to link to that page via JAVASCRIPT that will load the page when the surfer leaves. Here is the code I use to get surfers back to my hub page:

<!-- Start of script
var exit=true;
function goexit() {
if (exit)
("","new_window"); }
// End of script -->

This code should be placed inside the HEAD tag of your HTML page. next you will need to add the following to your body tag: <BODY onUnload="goexit()"> Now on each of the HREF tags on the page you will need to add the following code:

<A href="" onclick="exit=false">Click Here</A>

This ensures that the exit console doesn't load if the user clicks on one of the links on the page.

The Blur
A blur console is another type of exit console, only it is usually loaded when the page loads, and is then hidden behind the other windows. Here is the code I've used to blur the page:

<!-- Start of script
('', 'winin','toolbar=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0,status=0,resizable=0,width=540,height=580');
if (!myWindow.opener)
myWindow.opener = self;
// End of script -->

This code should be placed in the <HEAD> portion of your pages. Typically a blur console will list banner ads, text ads, or any other ads you have to your sponsors. Since my HUB page is very generic, I have created a blur console promoting a variety of different niche sites, and load it on my hub page. Go to my HUB page and you'll see how it works. Traffic filtering is the method by which you try and determine exactly what the surfer is interested in and give it to him.

Traffic Filtering
Traffic filtering is the method by which you try and determine exactly what the surfer is interested in and give it to him. On my Hub page I've placed a link to my free site. Since my free site is about a redhead girl, I've placed the link under the redhead category on the HUB page. Since I now know that my surfer is interested in Redheads, when he clicks on the link to my free site, I will first send him to a Full Page Ad promoting a redhead sponsor site. This is the first punch in getting the surfer to my sponsor. Since I know he is interested in redheads, it makes sense for me to try and sell him a redhead site, rather than some generic "mega" site. If not interested, well he will then go to my free site where I have more opportunities to sell him something.

If the surfer chooses to leave all together at this point, I pop up an exit console giving him more sites to choose from. If the surfer continues on to my free site, I give him the Warning page, which also advertises a redhead site, and then he gets another Full Page Ad, this time promoting a different redhead site. Once into my index page, I hit him with more advertising. I've placed exit consoles through the free site that will send the surfer back to the HUB page.

I intended to insert another exit console between the free site and the hub. It will work like this: the surfer comes to my free site, he tries to leave and I will pop up an exit console featuring a redhead, or maybe an teen site. If the surfer leaves the exit console, he gets another exit console this time back to my hub page. Since I don't know how the surfer initially entered my site, it is important that I bring him back to the hub if he doesn't go off to my sponsor.

Well I think the site is pretty well setup to handle traffic coming into the site. I have a way of keeping the surfer around for a while by utilize exit and blur consoles. As long as I can keep providing him with different options, I have a good chance of selling him something. In my next article I'll discuss how to obtain and utilize TGP traffic.

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