A Higher Score

Stephen Yagielowicz
I was amused to see a story on CNN this morning discussing the controversy over recent donations to a local school by one of Score’s gentleman’s clubs. Apparently the popular strip club held a special fund-raising event where dancers dressed as schoolgirls, teachers, librarians and the like, with the proceeds being used to help fund the school system.

While administrators were happy to receive the funds, regardless of the source, the outcry prompted CNN to solicit viewer comments on the story as part of their daily polling. One female respondent opined that anything that helps education was a plus, offering that it was quite likely that several of the dancers had children at these schools. It was another viewer’s comments that I found typical of the “anti-adult based upon ‘religious’ beliefs” crowd, however, when he stated that “stripping is appalling and immoral for any reason.”

Talk about being up-tight and far from reality. While only addressing my comments to simple nudity and not necessarily beyond to “porn,” I’ll offer the prudes this little reality break: God made us nude. It was the devil, via the serpent, that made man (and woman) see themselves as being ‘naked’ and convinced us that it was a shameful state to be so.

So for those having a “nudity is evil” outlook, which God are you worshipping? Yahweh or Satan? God didn’t cause a problem with nudity, only the devil did. Read the story in the book of Genesis and see for yourself.

The next time a friend, co-worker, family member or outsider chastises you for your evil ways, you might wish to counter their objection with this bit of perspective.