Affil4You Brings Mobile Marketing to WordPress

Stephen Yagielowicz

When it comes to building an adult website today, one of the most popular infrastructure options is the Open Source WordPress publishing platform, which is free and easy to use and offers a selection of available plugins and extensions that enhance its out of the box features and moneymaking capabilities.

While responsive themes and other options make it well suited for building mobile friendly sites, other attractive alternatives are available, such as the new WordPress plugin offered by

A pure redirection generally boosts profitability, but a mobile template with integrated ads helps to preserve the audience and thus long term profitability. -Joey Gabra, Affil4You’s Managing Director.

According to Affil4You’s Managing Director for North America, Joey Gabra, the new tool will allow site owners to make more money by allowing Affil4You to implement a mobile version of the website owner’s WordPress-powered blog, tightly integrated with a premium subscription-based VOD section.

Gabra says that there are advantages to using the Affil4You plugin instead of a custom WordPress theme programmed to integrate Affil4You ads.

“The plugin is much easier to use,” Gabra told XBIZ. “It includes the best mobile templates and works without any requirements or constraints on the web template, while allowing the site owner to easily choose the best integration strategy according to handset type.”

The plugin is a flexible, turnkey solution that should hold appeal for many adult website operators.

“Users can redirect the traffic to Affil4You’s mobile adapted page, or they can present a mobile adapted template with Affil4You Ads,” Gabra said. "Affil4You also provides page templates with pre-integrated ad spaces using the Affil4You ad script.”

As for how a specific redirection mode influences profitability and usability, Gabra tells XBIZ that one common redirection strategy employed by website marketers seeking a better solution for monetizing mobile visitors is to send local users arriving via a Smartphone to the mobile adapted pages of a website, which features premium ad spaces.

Foreign users, along with users on older feature phones, redirect to Affil4You’s hosted pages, which are adapted to every type of mobile handset and translated into nine languages for near universal access and a higher sales potential.

“A pure redirection generally boosts profitability, but a mobile template with integrated ads helps to preserve the audience and thus long term profitability,” Gabra explains. “However, the balance between both solutions may vary pretty much with each mobile handset type and localization.”

The targeted platform also plays a significant role in the equation.

“On some handsets that act almost as a full desktop, the user will expect to retrieve the same content,” Gabra added. “This is much less the case with older feature phones where user will generally want to go straight to easier more ‘mobile-friendly’ type of videos.”

A similar mindset comes into play based on the user’s country and language.

“A user reading the blog in his own language will be happy to find that blog on his mobile handset,” Gabra said. “A foreign user will care less and will want more direct access to the videos.”

Regardless of how you go about incorporating Affil4You’s mobilized marketing into your WordPress powered website, it is clear that this new plugin offers an easy, flexible and profitable alternative worthy of consideration. Try Affil4You’s new WordPress plugin and see if it helps your bottom line.