Love Redefined: Kama Sutra’s New President Leads Brand Overhaul

Lyn Bimey

With more than 40 years of experience, Kama Sutra continues to inspire romance between loving couples in a beautiful and elegant manner. In 1969, Joe Bolstad, owner and founder of Kama Sutra, originated the first “romance” product to encourage and intensify the human connection. The Original Oil of Love became an immediate sensation and founded the now famous Kama Sutra brand. Over four decades of pioneering products later, Kama Sutra not only continues but improves upon its founding principles. With such, Kama Sutra is proud to introduce Marla Lee as the new president of the company. While keeping the heart and soul of Kama Sutra, Lee is spearheading the brand overhaul to ensure Kama Sutra remains the leader in romance and intimacy.

A long history of brand building and product development for renowned global corporations provides Lee the experience to lead Kama Sutra. Despite its long and successful history, Lee quickly recognized opportunities for improvement.

A long history of brand building and product development for renowned global corporations provides Lee the experience to lead Kama Sutra.

Demand for Kama Sutra products is never a problem, the company says, but Lee has an ever driving force to develop the brand and customer satisfaction. As the new president, Lee says she strives to make everything “100 percent fabulous, top to bottom, from performance to appearance,” and wants each product to scream, “I am here! Look at me!” Vibrant and tantalizing, Kama Sutra’s revamped line of products appeals to all couples looking to spice up their love life.

With support from founder, Joe Bolstad, Lee is transforming Kama Sutra into a line of products that catch the eye. Bolstad says he is impressed with Kama Sutra’s new semblance.

“I’m amazed by what she is doing,” Bolstad said. “Ms. Lee is transforming the company from a slow moving, steady eddy into an exciting dynamo. She is creating exciting new products, new and improved flavors and fragrances, more colorful and interesting graphics, more fun, as well as, exploding sales. I’m so very pleased and looking forward to the continued excitement and creative energy she brings to the company.”

Rob La Joie, senior director of U.S. sales, says he also is pleased with the new leadership and vision of Marla Lee. La Joie says that with the addition of Lee as president, the company has managed to “help retailers move our items off their shelves even faster.”

La Joie says, “Our 2013 mantra is all about stand-alone, openfront, brighter packaging where a consumer could quickly gauge the beauty and quality of Kama Sutra products and further engage themselves into all of our lines.”

He says he is very confident in Kama Sutra’s ability to “lead and pioneer the roads ahead” and believes that Lee’s presence in the company “brings an unmatched amount of enthusiasm, passion, and leadership to Kama Sutra.”

More than anything else, La Joie said he appreciates Lee’s ongoing efforts to make Kama Sutra better for its customers.

The most appropriate word to currently describe Kama Sutra is ‘”new,” the company said. With an emphasis on new packaging, new flavors, new fragrances and new formulas, all of the revamped products are designed for high quality and consumer satisfaction. Most noticeable for the long-time admirers is the redesign of the first-ever Kama Sutra product, Oil of Love.

The kissable body oil, now removed from the tin canister, is more visible and attractive to the consumer. The distinctive flavors, fragrances and colors are sure to entice and delight, the company said. As with the original Kama Sutra creation, each product category will encounter some modification for improvement.

Despite improvements made to previous products and packaging, new product development is Lee’s specialty. Kama Sutra’s entirely new product, known as Lip Fetish, was completely originated by Lee. The lip-gloss is made to enhance oral pleasures. The polish is specifically formulated to accentuate a pout with a luminous shine, a kissable flavor and exciting warming or cooling sensations. With three different flavors, the Sweet Strawberry, Cool Mint, and Wild Raspberry, Lip Fetish is a modern and advanced design that will excite lovers as well as enhance beauty, the company says. The cosmopolitan product is referred to by Lee as her “baby.”

The company president said she spent months refining the formula, packaging and overall look of the product in order to “create a stylish and cultivated lip gloss that would be healthy, unique and 100 percent stupendous.”

Once applied, the gloss provides a tingling sensation and flavor. Designed to be sold as more than a sexual enhancement product, the sensual polish is a sexy consumable that is the centerpiece of Lee’s renovations.

Kama Sutra continues to be a company that represents sexual passion and sensual fire. Lee, who says she feels “like Kama Sutra is an entirely new company,” is heartfelt and fervid when it comes to the work she’s put into the company. With products that range from tranquil and serene, to fiery and wild, Kama Sutra reaches out to the customer with the same message they’ve had since 1969: bringing couples closer together.

“After 44 years of successful business, Joe Bolstad, owner and founder, proudly presents these products, and his new company president Marla Lee, knowing that Kama Sutra has come a long way and will continue to thrive and grow under the same principles and beliefs they have always had,” the company said.