Desktop App Review: Komodo Edit Slays Coding Complications

Stephen Yagielowicz

When it comes to developing and maintaining a quality website, having the right tools to complete your projects on time and under budget is essential. While there are many options available for this task from plain text editors to advanced visual programming tools, different developers will have their own preferences and workflows, where sometimes, “less is more” — and “not enough” is just not enough.

Enter Komodo Edit ( by ActiveState, an integrated development environment (IDE) providing a comprehensive solution to coding and site creation that supports Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming languages.

Slick, streamlined and extensible, Komodo offers a modern alternative to traditional tools that could improve your adult website development process through familiar and intuitive processes.

This handy code-editing tool recently received a major update with the release of Komodo 8.0, which its publisher says incorporates many new features and revisions that users have been requesting for a very long time. These upgrades include new user interface styling, with a lighter feel that makes this application seem native for each platform. Floating side panes allow users to undock components and move them anywhere on the screen, while an open files side pane organizes all open files by coding language. A repositionable mini-map, fast opening shortcuts to long file and directory paths, and typed auto abbreviations that trigger a selection of snippets, are among the enhanced features.

According to Komodo IDE’s Development Lead, Todd Whiteman, this major update addressed two aspects of Komodo that the development team wanted to tackle:

“First, we had always wanted to make changes to the user interface. While we have kept adding new functionality and components to Komodo over the years, the UI had grown a bit unwieldy,” Whiteman stated. “It was time to streamline it, and also make it feel more consistent with each user’s operating system.”

Part of this improved new look involves less clutter and more editing space, as well as the addition of support for Apple’s Retina display for crystal-clear, high definition text and imagery on both the editor and the user interface.

“Secondly, we wanted to make it as quick and easy to navigate code as possible. Komodo has always been known as a fast IDE, but we could always do better,” Whiteman explained. “With that goal in mind, we designed the Open Files Side Pane, Fast Open Shortcuts and the high-level Minimap scroll area.”

In addition to these tools, flexible previews including browser view integration and a DOM Viewer that allows users to inspect and edit the document object model (DOM) tree of XML and HTML files is provided, as is support for third-party scripts and API catalogs that enable auto-complete and code calls for libraries such as PyWin32 and jQuery.

Komodo 8.0 also adds support for editing Laravel Blade, a powerful PHP framework that allows tremendous flexibility in design, as well as syntax checking for the SASS CSS3 extension that adds nested rules, variables, and other components to the mix.

“Overall, we’ve found the right balance of new and classic,” Whiteman concluded. “Current and past users will be pleased that it still codes like Komodo but feels more flexible and efficient than before.”

The premium level Komodo IDE package targets developers using multiple languages as well as all professional applications. An annual upgrades and support subscription saves money while keeping users current with the latest release and adding a higher level of help with the software. Linux, Mac and Windows versions are available, as is a free version with the basic feature sets, known as Komodo Edit.

Slick, streamlined and extensible, Komodo offers a modern alternative to traditional tools that could improve your adult website development process through familiar and intuitive processes. While there are many alternatives to this software, Komodo Edit and Komodo IDE may find a welcome place in any adult webmaster’s toolbox — check it out and see if it will find a home in yours.