Exec Seat: Rodney Moore

Bob Johnson

They say the smartest producers and directors in the adult industry latch onto a particular niche or fetish and add new and exciting elements to the standard formula of sex scenes. But when that foresight is combined with a true love of the genre, that’s when you see the creative genius emerge. Director Rodney Moore has done just that. Setting his sights on the offbeat fetish and tranny worlds, including hairy and chubby girls and more, Moore is an industry Hall of Famer who for more than two decades has proven to be a consistent player in the business. XBIZ asked the executive to share his thoughts.

How did you enter the adult industry?

Just before I started shooting my scenes in 1992, I was watching a lot of Ed Powers and John Stagliano movies and I liked the idea of doing POV shoots where the producer was also the performer. I’ve always been a do-it-yourself guy. —Rodney Moore Director

I started in 1992 shooting amateur scenes for companies like Odyssey Group and LBO with a VHS camera I had gotten from doing a radio jingle for a video store.

What’s your current position?

I own Rodnievision Inc and Mancini Productions.

What are your primary products?

I have two mega-sites,, which includes and, and, which includes, and

What prompted you to focus on the tranny niche?

I started around 2002. I knew someone who was making TS videos before (Chimera Chase), and I had been using a new camera girl to tape my scenes named Allenina who was a TS. I found out that there were no solo TS masturbation sites, and what TS sites there were only had photos, so I thought a TS Solo site that focuses on movie clips would be successful, and it was. Also, I found transsexuals fascinating.

Who/what was your inspiration?

Just before I started shooting my scenes in 1992, I was watching a lot of Ed Powers and John Stagliano movies and I liked the idea of doing POV shoots where the producer was also the performer. I’ve always been a do-it-yourself guy.

What do you consider makes your products unique in the tranny world?

Initially we were the first to focus on having movie clips. But also, we try to present transsexuals as people as well as objects of desire.

In February, your alter-ego, director Sammy Mancini, was inducted into the Tranny Awards Hall of Fame, and you also won Best Scene Producer. How did it feel to be recognized by the Tranny Awards?

I was very happy to be recognized for my achievements in the she-male niche. I was one of the first in the genre, as well as one of the first to come to it with professionalism and a firm stance on treating the models with respect. So being recognized by my peers in helping to forge one of the niches was very cool.

How do you recruit talent?

The girls are recruited from the standard places — agencies, word of mouth referral, BackPage ads, etc. Many models will email me because they saw my movies, either by movie or online.

Describe your day-to-day duties.

Wake up whenever I wake up (no alarm clock), have juice and coffee, check email, do a little work on my websites, maybe shoot a scene, maybe edit a scene, go play volleyball, eat, watch a little NetFlix or a DVD TV show, and go to bed. Maybe work in a little off-camera sex and kink in between.

How has the TS genre changed/evolved over the years? How have you adapted?

Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, but we had a good market share right out of the gate. We try to stay focused on what made us successful in the first place.

What are your biggest challenges as an adult executive?

Answering the question from non-industry girls that I meet and wish to date, ‘What do you do for a living?’

As a director, explain your creative process.

I like that I can come up with new storylines for almost every scene and rarely repeat myself, even after 22 years.

What’s on the horizon for the adult world in general?

More acceptances by more people. Non-industry girls I met 20 years ago were put off and sometimes repulsed by what I do. Now, they’re more likely to say ‘Cool!’

I don’t like that it’s become more corporate, a few big companies, not as many ‘mom and pops’ like every other business in America.

What new technologies are you embracing?

Live cams, selling clips as well as memberships, and hoping that DVDs stay relevant.

What’s the next leap in the tranny world and how will you be involved?

I would hope more transsexuals would want to show themselves and be proud and do it in front of my camera. We may have some different ways of delivering our premium she-male content coming up … but it’s still in the development stages.


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