Don' Tanaka it 'til you try it

Gram Ponante
Not to be confused with Prince's "A Love Bizarre", the serene David Aaron Clark's Asia Noir V: A Lust Supreme features ... oh Jesus Christ. I don't know anything about this movie. I really just ran out of steam there. Maybe those Internet wags are right. Maybe I am trying too hard. Maybe I need a vacation. Could that be it? According to this Psychology Today article, though, vacations only do the trick for a little while. What, then, is at the root of this problem? Is it because Jesus isn't in my life? No - Jesus and His crew mow and weed my lawn every Thursday. Is it because I'm not young and rich enough? Possibly. I could always get richer and younger. Is it because I haven't been a stunt cock for a Virtual Sex yet? They keep calling - should I answer? Maybe it's because I haven't made the best use of my Jenna Jameson novelty golf clubs. Is that where the void is? Maybe I just need to start shooting gonzos and complete my transformation.