ANME Days 2 and 3: Never a Dull Moment!

Kim Airs

Okay, okay. Here's my excuse for my late post-ANME report: I was on my back for days after the end of ANME, not only recovering but testing out all the new toys. I know, I know, I'm late. I could use any excuse except that it was such a crazy good time, I needed a couple of days to recoup. Now it's back to the scribing for me!

So where we last left off, Day Two of ANME, Sunday, July 14, had me perusing the aisles of the main room, AKA "The Big Room" which houses the five founders of ANME: Nasstoys, CalEx, Pipedream, Doc Johnson, and Topco. Of course, there were many other companies represented in the room as well, most of them familiar.

Let's take a look at those Founders and what they had to offer...

Nasstoys continues its rise to the top with nicely shaped gizmos made of modern materials, complete with quiet motors and easy to use controls. They have increased their range of inflatable offerings which is a nice touch because well, we all know, one size does not fit all. What I particularly liked was an all silicone, vibrating and inflatable double dildo in a shape that makes sense for when the female wearers wanna stick it where the sun don't shine and open the window to let in a little air. As in the inflatable, penetrating, vibrating, penis-y shaped pleasure probe that sticks out of the front silicone panel that's attached to the smaller version of the same (sans inflatable) which is worn internally by the sticker-in-er. Follow me here? It's worth a look!

Next to them was the always impressive California Exotic Novelties booth, looking splendid in its virginal white dress with colorful accents. Oh! Right! I'm talking about sex toys! The booth was divided with the popular Jopen and Key lines towards the back and the ever-expanding Cal line and its many lines in the front. The Jopen line continues to grow with sexy new shapes and colors that are beautiful enough to display as an art piece without anyone knowing what they actually are. Key made my favorite Comet Wand into a vibrator without changing the dimensions or shape. I am now even more in love with Key. Cal continues to burst out with more careful rebranding and packaging of products and making things even more beautiful and clever.

Nestled next to Cal was the big, square-accented Pipedream booth which showed off their newest lines. They've rebranded many of their products into the Anal Fantasy Collection which is begging to make any anal fantasy a reality. The clean, crisp, packaging and the new products are sure to make anyone give up the rosebud for pleasurable butt play. Dildos, butt plugs and vibrators made of ceramic, made their debut with the sub-name "Pleasure Pottery." The vibrant colors and creative shapes are gonna appeal to a completely different buyer so get these as soon as they come out. There are more additions to the Fetish Fantasy line, natch, and a few fun novelties, too, including the adorable, wind-up Midget Man who reminds me of someone I know... wait... I'll remember in a minute.

Doc Johnson continued it's Made in America theme with, wait for it, some new and innovative shapes, which is always a challenge in this biz. Gosh, you'd think everything has already been done but no! I was most impressed with the beautiful, James Deen inspired "Black and Blue" fetish line that has him on the package in positions and looks that will make any woman envious. What a change from the throwback days when vibrators were packed in boxes with naked chicks on them! Thanks, Doc, for  making my day!

Rounding out the founders was Topco, in their wood-toned hideaway booth and their many offerings that focused on life sized sex dolls. They also showed many realistically shaped body part toys to stimulate, simulate, and amuse.

Be sure to stay on top of all of the new products from these manufacturers as they roll off the assembly line and into your stores.

More vendors included HydroMax made by BathMate, which is a hydraulic pump used with water for guys to enlarge their H2O'd members. The demo took place in a large tank which highlighted the different sizes and capacities of the pumps (That's the BathMate in the pix above). Sportsheets continues to celebrate their 20 year run with more products and wonderful displays and packaging. The folks at ScreamingO always crank out hysterical marketing show and tell by offering FREE MUSTACHE RIDES to release their new MustachiO vibrating mustache for, you guessed it, really fun mustache rides! And I LOVE the continuation of the ScreamingO name: MustachiO! Brilliant!

There were plenty of lube companies in the Big Room, all vying to make your life more slippery and slidey to let those innumerable sex toys do their job. Or just make plain ol' fucking easier!

Of course, you couldn't walk thru the lobby without seeing yet more manufacturers including the latest from OhMiBod. They showed their non-music-activated toys which is different than their usual line of high tech products. British company Rocks-Off brought their products from across the pond to to delight new and established buyers at ANME. Wet lubricants unveiled their new look which everyone enjoyed from this well-established line.

But wait! There's more! I told you there was a lot to report! It took me to Day three to check out the products in the smaller yet exciting exhibit room off the lobby (and closest to the bar!).

As always, the exhibit space off the main lobby always holds yet more surprises. Evolved and SystemJo take up the largest spaces and offer a wide range of exciting and new products. XR Brands showed off their two fucking machines - automated machines which do the job no matter what - and a variety of sort of medical looking packaging which will work well in more "straight" stores. NS Novelties rolled out a few newbie products including the one piece, silicone restraints with velcro being my wrist-up favorites. Available in bright pink and black, natch.

So that about sums up the show as quickly as I can. I know I left out a bunch of you, not intentionally by any means, there's just sooooo  much to report! Many of these products will soon make it to the distributors and retailers as well as arrive in my inbox for product testing. I'm lubed up and ready to go! I can hardly wait!

See ya on the next blog!


So once this guy asks his assistant to work late. "Sure," she agrees. Afterwards, he asks her to dinner and she agrees again. After dinner, she asks him to come back to her place then asks him to have sex with her. Of course, he agreed.

When they were finished, he turned to her and asked "Do you have any baby powder?" She had some and gave it to him and then he proceeded to rub some all over his hands. He said goodbye and went home.

When he got home, his wife was still awake, angrily asking her husband where he was. "Well," he replied, "I worked late with my assistant, asked her to dinner, we went to her place, we had sex, and now I'm back."

"Let me see your hands!" she demanded. She took one look and exclaimed "You're lying! You went bowling!"