ANME Day 1: In Tents Man, In Tents

Kim Airs

So yesterday, Saturday, July 13, was Day 1 at the biggest show in the sex toy world - ANME - the American Novelty Manufacturers Expo - aka The Founders Show (if you want more info about what ANME is all about, scroll down to my other blog... it's super interesting). It runs for 3 days and believe me, will keep you busy every moment of the day.

And what a show it is! There are three big exhibit spaces that are jam packed with products for every whim, desire, and fantasy. Since the show is three days, I gravitate towards doing one exhibit space a day. Between looking at products, pressing control buttons to test 'em out, having the all important sales teams at the booths show me the latest and greatest, and most of all, nonstop SCHMOOZING, it's about all I can handle. And throw in the yummy, complimentary lunch and nightly cocktail parties, it's all I can do to breathe and sleep. I love it!

So let me raise the tent wall and let you know what I did yesterday in the first of the three exhibit areas: the Exhibitor Tent.

I sauntered through the air conditioned tent to see the thirty eight booths and made sure to stop at nearly every one of them. There were new manufacturers there as the tent was recently added to increase the number of offerings at the show, which was a welcomed and stimulating change, giving buyers a fresh, new crop of vendors eager to add to your stock and inventory.

There were new lube companies looking to crack into the lucrative lubricant business. Tiger Lube and SLYD were the newer ones and Uberlube showed off their standard, clear glass bottled silicone lube to the eager buyers. Fun games were represented by the British company, Creative Conceptions, who lived up to their name by rolling out clever and stimulating games to keep relationships hot and frisky. Who thought board games could spice up relationships but these definitely would.

Tried and true Vibratex was thrilled to continue the re-launch of the trusty Magic Wand. Notice no word "Hitachi" here? Yep! It went bye bye even though the Magic Wand is sill made by the company. With it's beautiful blue trademark colors and crisp, clean packaging, the Magic Wand now sports up-to-date internal technology which makes the best even better. And if you already stock the best selling Magic Wand in your store, now's the time to refresh and restock it even more.

There were lots of newer companies being highlighted at ANME including Zolo masturbators (those with the clever ads), OMG Internationals, Impulse/Closet toys, Rapture BDSM equipment, E.L. Products, and lingerie companies, too.

Of the newer companies, Maia Toys added to their happy-go-lucky colored vibes and toys that are perfect when you want to brighten your day and inner thighs. Seductive shapes and easy to use controls are the highlight of this new toy line.

Masque Sexual Flavors brought their sensual display to promote their best selling product. Wanna know more about Masque? Just scroll down to my infamous product testing blog... they're yum and fun in one easy strip.

Perhaps the most unique and interesting booth was the Crave booth. The Crave is a simple to use, two pronged vibrator with strong separate motors at the tip of each extension which can be used to nuzzle around one's clit... if you're a woman! It's a fun, little vibe that packs a punch. But what made this booth so outstanding? They allowed us journalists to actually BUILD A VIBRATOR in the booth! Yep! A grown-up's version of Build-A-Bear! I couldn't be more thrilled with the opportunity to see one come to life right in front of my eyes, created with my own nimble fingers.

I was guided through the whole process while I picked out my silicone sleeve, plucked a motor unit, delicately lifted the small control button panel, and snagged the USB charger section out of the components bin. I was ready to go. I unscrewed the partially assembled piece, used locktite when I reassembled it, gingerly applied silicone glue to complete the waterproof seal, used a custom made vice on the table to really getitintight, did electrical testing on two of the sections to make sure they were assembled properly, and about 10 minutes later, I had my own Crave vibe that I put together myself! I'll tell ya... it gave me a whole new appreciation of tiny vibrators!

Okay, so needless to say, there's lots more booths here at this July's ANME that I need to cover with products to squeeze, test, turn on, taste, point at and enjoy. There's two more days of fun with two more exhibition spaces to cover so stay tuned for the next updates!

I love my job.

No blog is complete without a JOTB so here it is:

Since I've been looking at dildos, vibrators and other assorted sex toys all day, here it is...

What's 12" long and white?


See ya tomorrow with a report from the Big Room at ANME.