Apathy Is a Dangerous Road

Tim Henning

There are many people in the adult entertainment space that are passionate about running their businesses in an ethical and responsible manner. These people generously support ASACP because they believe that protecting children is critical to protecting their business and the industry as a whole. They also support ASACP because it is the right thing to do!

However, ASACP’s membership is but a fraction of the online adult entertainment industry. Why? — Apathy. Apathy is defined as a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation and passion.

ASACP has and continues to do much to add to the credibility of the industry — more than any other organization.

With membership levels starting at just $300 per year, every company in the industry should be involved at some level. It’s less than a buck a day!

ASACP has an extremely challenging mission that requires it carefully balances the interests of the industry, parents, politicians and law makers. This — to say the least — is not always easy and indeed it takes a truly skilled and passionate team to be able to cope with the realities of such a demanding vocation. Regardless of the past and continuing achievements of the organization there are those who are apathetic or question its value and necessity today. For this audience, a reminder and request for support is in order.

ASACP has and continues to do much to add to the credibility of the industry — more than any other organization. Because of the ASACP Child Pornography Reporting Hotline and the award winning RTA Label, ASACP continues to prove that the industry is not involved in the production or distribution of child pornography and is proactive in helping parents block age inappropriate content. This broad adult industry advocacy illustrates that ASACP, backed by the efforts of the adult entertainment industry, not only protects children, but also the interests of legitimate providers of online adult entertainment.

For the Industry ASACP provides:

  • A hotline for web surfers and webmasters to report suspected child pornography
  • Notifies ISPs and payment processors when their hosting and billing services are hijacked by cp operators
  • A code of ethics for our membership program — a model of effective self regulation for the online adult entertainment industry
  • Best practices which are recommended as a basis for companies in the space to build upon
  • RTA (Restricted to Adults) label to better enable parental filtering and to demonstrate the industry`s commitment to helping parents prevent children from accessing age-inappropriate content
  • Members with updates on current and pending laws and regulations pertaining to child pornography and protection
  • Advocacy on the industry`s behalf with a message of responsible adult industry self-regulation

For the World ASACP Provides:

  • 17 years of experience developing and managing its child pornography reporting hotline and ASACP shares this expertise and knowledge with other associations involved in child protection
  • Data that provides crucial information to law enforcement
  • The award winning RTA Label which helps parents prevent their children from accessing age-inappropriate content
  • Cutting edge technology that provides technical concept to other hotlines
  • Expertise in this effort that helps law enforcement focus their limited resources on where the real criminals are and what they are doing
  • Research and development of cutting edge technology to protect children in the future
  • Legal testimony that has helped both in the prosecution of pedophiles as well as the defense of people unjustly accused.

Considering that ASACP operates on a shoe-string budget, a very small staff and with limited support — its accomplishments have been and continue to be of great significance and value — both to the industry and the world. If it were not for the generous efforts of our members and sponsors none of this would be possible. With your help we can do even more!

This is not the time for the industry to stick their collective head in the sand. There are growing threats emerging from advocacy groups, child protection think tanks, parents and governments alike and these threats are beginning to gain traction. The Icelandic government is seeking to impose a total ban on online pornography. This is very troubling, to say the least, as it would be the first country in the free world to do so and very well could set a precedent. The U.K. is looking at an opt-in system at the ISP level in order to be able to access adult entertainment websites. They have also begun to fine U.K. based online adult websites who do not meet age verification requirements on their landing pages. The German government wants to unilaterally decide which websites provide suitable viewing for their citizens. The European Union recently floated a resolution to ban all pornography under the guise of eliminating gender stereotypes and the increasing sexualization of children — and the list goes on but I think I have made my point.

I have heard more than one person in the industry say that getting this group to all go in the same direction is like herding cats. Well, I am here to tell you that the time is now for everyone to get behind ASACP and clearly state that the adult entertainment industry is going in the right direction by putting their support firmly behind child protection issues. It is not the time for apathy, nor is it the time to let someone else take responsibility. There is strength and a greater voice in numbers and a much greater percentage of this industry needs to be involved at some level of support in order to effectively counter these threats.

Be proactive and do something positive for your business, for the industry and for children. Send a message that this industry cares. It is the right thing to do! Join ASACP today.

ASACP’s business is as much about protecting your business as it is about protecting children. Supported by the sponsor and membership fees as well as by donations to its Foundation, ASACP is at the forefront of online child protection on behalf of the online adult entertainment industry. I want to thank all those that have and continue to support us and I invite those that have not yet joined ASACP to do so. Working together we can make a huge difference, both for the industry as a whole and for children everywhere.