A Friend in Need

Stephen Yagielowicz
My casual readers might come to believe that I’m against most adult webmasters, but nothing could be further from the truth: I’m only against the irresponsible – or criminal – ones and primarily because they stand in stark contrast to the ones I consider to be my friends; those many operators in the online adult entertainment business that are some of the finest, smartest and most giving people I’ve ever met... And since I hate to see my friends get hurt, I tend to chastise “the bad guys” that are threatening their livelihoods…

But that’s not what I want to talk about today; I want to discuss the good guys – the ones that not only do the right thing but go out of their way to help others – even their fiercest competitors, simply because “they can.” Whether it’s through writing articles that detail their most profitable practices, serving as unpaid board moderators, or doing any of the many other things that these unsung industry heroes do, their deeds are rarely applauded – except for today.

While I could rattle off a lengthy laundry list of folks that have helped me in one way or another over my years in this biz, I’ll pick on one in particular today, simply because he serves as a great example of what I’m talking about; Domenic Merenda, a.k.a. “edgeprod” – a popular writer for XBIZ and a moderator of our forums.

After working on a small scripting problem for quite awhile with no luck (I’m not a programmer), I turned to the XBIZ community forums for help. Within a few moments of posting my plea, I had an ICQ from Domenic saying that he could solve my problem, and within a few minutes he custom-coded what I needed and patiently walked me through the process of implementing it. No charge. This is an example of how selfless many in this biz are; taking time out of his busy day (evening, actually, given the different time zone), to help me out. I know that he’s helped others this way too.

So to “edge” and the countless folks that have helped me (and many other webmasters) out over the past decade since I was a raw noob, THANK YOU! You guys rock and I really appreciate it!

Oh, and the script? It’ll randomize the order in which PHP-included content blocks are displayed (you’ll read more about the application for this in the near future):

[code] [/code]