Building Your Own Dating Site

Stephen Yagielowicz

Whether it’s the lure of a life-long relationship or the promise of a fast fling, online dating can be casual, serious or anywhere in between — with options for gay, straight, transgendered and other participants — and segmentation that goes far beyond sexual preferences to include differentiators such as golf fans or vegetarians, the disabled, HIV-positive people and more — with any and every identifiable group up for grabs. They say that there is someone for everyone, and online dating sites are where they’re often found; with players profiting by building and promoting these interpersonal connection services.

A mainstay of online affiliates and entrepreneurs, both adult and mainstream, today’s Internet dating sites are powered by the popularity of customized white label dating tools, which provide operators with a branded presence and a ready made audience, low barrier to entry and a high profit potential — coupled with a sense of ownership that is a win-win for operators and white label providers alike.

Driving quality traffic to your white label website is your ultimate concern and where any ongoing operator will spend the bulk of his or her energy — and bankroll.

As in any vibrant market segment, online dating offers range from terrific to terrible; but fortunately, there are a number of high quality white label casual dating site providers with the experience, expertise and tools to help you succeed in this competitive arena.

For example, Dating Factory ( has made a name for itself in the niche dating arena by taking a different approach than that of many of its competitors. Rather than simply trying to build a database of user profiles or focusing exclusively on larger brands, Dating Factory focuses on delivering the maximum amount of revenue per member to its affiliates and partners, which it assists and educates via tutorials and more.

According to the company, Dating Factory’s white label system was built by affiliates for affiliates, as a way of addressing dissatisfaction with solutions offered elsewhere in the market — particularly with respect to conversions and retention of members brought in by affiliates. Delivering a satisfactory customer service experience was also vital to its plan, with Dating Factory well aware that your success is necessary for their success.

“We know how to make money fast and we put our heads and knowledge together to create the best dating white label affiliate program on the market today,” says a company rep, adding that “This system was built with you in mind, [incorporating] things that we’ve found lacking or good in all the other white label systems we’ve worked with.”

One example of the ways in which Dating Factory helps new site owners quickly get up and running is through commissions of up to 65 percent for the first three months of a new site’s launch, regardless of its status; which when coupled with bi-monthly payouts, allows the fast revenue turnarounds needed to fund growth-fueling advertising purchases.

Setting up the white label site through Dating Factory is easy and fast. Simply acquire a suitable domain name (web hosting is not required as the company handles this for you) and then sign up for a free account. Upon its approval, point your domain’s name servers to the addresses specified by Dating Factory and then use the online admin area to select the styling and user options you desire. Multiple languages and currencies are supported, as are customizable newsletters to your members which are useful for promotional blasts.

The process of setting up your white label website can take as little as five minutes or as long as “forever,” while you fiddle with the numerous settings that are available to you — testing and optimizing the site as it grows and you learn — as well as in response to member requests or other feedback. Compatible tools such as Google Analytics greatly enhance the effectiveness of these efforts and provide an additional array of metrics by which your revenues can be gauged.

Dating Factory also provides reports on your member’s age, country, join date, sex, the criteria they choose and an overview of your site’s top 25 member criteria selections — valuable information to have when buying traffic or tweaking the website’s approach.

Of course, driving quality traffic to your white label website is your ultimate concern and where any ongoing operator will spend the bulk of his or her energy — and bankroll.

Here’s where Dating Factory’s white label system offers advantages; such as diverse opportunities for search engine optimization (SEO) — including an XML site map along with a custom robots.txt file, third party tracking codes and custom links on every page.

More than 40 supported niches make segmenting audiences easy, while an integrated affiliate program enables a second tier of commissions for other website owners sending traffic to your white label site. Dating Factory also provides ad zones on its white labels that can be used to display your own (or third party) advertising, providing an additional revenue option as well as another way to drive traffic within your own internal network.

Other white label providers will offer similar or alternative features, so it’s important to choose an experienced partner that delivers the best fit for your goals. For example, offers affiliates a white label version of its venerable AmateurMatch site that can integrate well with its WebCamClub product that also has a white label version.

Other sponsors may offer similar synergies, although they may not always provide them publicly under a white label offer; instead developing co-brands for proven partners that can consistently deliver profitable traffic volumes.

One company with a diverse product offering is, which since 2003 has powered more than 10,000 casual dating sites across 100 niches, with cross-sell opportunities and a mobile offering for all partners. According to the company provides the software, membership database, payment processing, customer support, hosting infrastructure and much more; while a white label operator provides the brand, website design and marketing — and both share in the revenues.

However you go about it, getting in on the white label dating market may be the new sales stream you need, and a valuable adjunct to an existing network — or the foundation of the next big brand name in casual dating.