Exec Seat: Q&A With Steve Bryson

Rhett Pardon

Steve Bryson knows processing, that’s for sure. He’s been in the business of transacting online payments for more than two decades, and he puts pride in offering anything and everything that might help his clients at OrbitalPay.

XBIZ World recently chatted with Bryson about his business, his charitable nonprofit — th Never Forgotten Foundation — and life outside of the office.

Our merchants are long-term players and stay below the radar with our team’s help. —Steve Bryson, OrbitalPay’s CEO

XBIZ: How did you venture into the business of facilitating adult entertainment transactions?

BRYSON: I began my journey as a retail processor some 23 years ago.

As a result of watching how many billing companies were misreporting or outright stealing from adult merchants and or retaining databases to build their billing companies by what many argued was theft, I added adult processing to our product list, with the promise to do it right. Which has been done in spades. Our merchants are long-term players and stay below the radar with our team’s help.

XBIZ: What defines OrbitalPay and make it stand out from the rest?

BRYSON: The list is so long I’ll bullet out a few.

  • OrbitalPay’s parent, Global Electronic Technology Inc., allows us to issue and process your merchant account.
  • Increased revenue to the merchant.
  • OrbitalPay is a true one-stop shop.
  • Enhanced preparatory gateway.
  • Flexible fraud prevention and scrubbing.
  • Customized reporting for your eyes and use.
  • Real-time processing and daily settlements.
  • The best customer service team in the industry, providing you with real answers, real time. We answer all questions in one spot be they reporting, settlement, customer service or technical.
  • In-house compliance monitoring, keeping you in good standing.
  • Outstanding pricing.
  • Direct and third-party merchant accounts.
  • U.S. and International accounts provided.

Much is left out in the interest of space. However, our in-house research has proven time and again the merchant is better off with the experienced team at OrbitalPay/GET

XBIZ: How many transactions does OrbitalPay facilitate each month?

BRYSON: We are a private company and have never given out that information. Through various channels it is now a rather staggering number.

XBIZ: How important is it to customize programs for client needs? And what sector of the online adult business is driving the market these days?

BRYSON: Customization is what sets us truly apart. We have in-house programmers and always have. We have done things for clients from building unique data streams to enhance chargeback reporting. We have built detection programs for merchants to monitor potential month-end chargeback problems! I have also sent technicians on location. We are a U.S company, hence our U.S business outweighs our E.U. business. We have just made a significant hire to bolster that market.

XBIZ: Are there any countries/regions that you don't currently service but would like to in the near future?

BRYSON: Yes, anywhere we are not already processing. The Congo would be cool and a few other countries in Africa that I want to help.

XBIZ: How does OrbitalPay, with an evolving slate of banking and privacy regulations, stay in compliance?

BRYSON: Because we are an ISO and a processor we have been in compliance for decades and remain so. We have a compliance officer who is responsible for dissemination of information and action when needed to maintain our compliance. We have been PCI compliant since its inception as well as the old CISP to name a couple.

XBIZ: What's new with your nonprofit, Never Forgotten Foundation?

BRYSON: We are planning an exciting day of fun and education at the shelters we support, with computer instruction, haircuts and advise on how to dress for job interviews. This combined with food trucks, toys and other goodies should make it a great day. Oh, yeah, we need money!

As most know we fund NFF ourselves and volunteer our time.

XBIZ: What's a typical workday like?

BRYSON: I have a tea service in my office so that is first followed by turning on some music.

As CEO, my role is strategic planning and plotting out the future vision as well as seeing that our current vision is intact each day.

I also search banking opportunities and handle some of our marquee clients. In other words I talk a lot.

XBIZ: When not thinking about the biz, what do you like to do?

BRYSON:  I love to be in the sunshine with my new wife Samantha. Love my family! Help others! I love the news and study current and past events.