RSS Feeds: An Easy Example

Stephen Yagielowicz
If you have read my recent article, “Traffic Boosting via RSS,” you’re probably considering how best to implement a working RSS feed to promote your website – a process which isn't as technically daunting as one might expect.

For example, the following code, saved as a file named “feed.xml” and then uploaded to, and linked from, your website, will provide visitors with a valid RSS 2.0 news feed, letting them know about your most current updates and providing a permanent link directly to this new content.

Simply update the information on the example as required and upload: [code] The title of your feed A short, keyword-rich feed description http://www.domain.com Mon, 14 Aug 2006 00:00:00 PST (C) 2006 Company Name webmaster@domain.com (Your Name) Today's Update Here's today's upate http://www.domain.com/url/ [/code]

Whenever you add another update to your member’s area, update this page and your feed’s subscribers will know that you’re now offering something fresh for them to enjoy. This is a great tool for keeping members satisfied and thus increasing retention.