Dev Depot: — Eases Split Testing

Stephen Yagielowicz

Increasing the online marketing ROI of more than 4,000 companies, Unbounce allows users to build, publish and test landing pages without the need for IT assistance or expensive implementation teams.

A self-serve hosted service providing marketers involved in paid search, banner ads, e-mail and social media with an easy way to deploy specific landing pages, Unbounce removes the guesswork from your marketing efforts through a simple A/B split testing framework that allows users to test their campaigns and learn about their customers by evaluating different content, offers and ideas — all with one-click speed — revealing conversion rates, along with the number of new leads, via its live, realtime statistics.

Building, publishing and testing website landing pages is a vital component of the development process, and one that can be time consuming and technical for users.

“If you find yourself arguing about which design or copy will work best, let your customers show you what they prefer by providing access to information with real-time stats,” states a product spokesperson. “Easily presenting the facts about your campaign success is important to you [because] clients and managers like clear data, so Unbounce keeps it simple and to the point.”

Unbounce makes marketing websites fun again, by providing everything users will need to build a better landing page, in one easy to use package.

“Marketing and advertising is creative and fun, but implementation headaches and technical processes aren’t,” the rep explains. “We help you do more marketing in less time and you get to try out your crazy/stupid concepts so easily that it’s no longer a chore to have a new idea.”

To help you get started quickly, a variety of proven landing page templates using layouts designed for top conversion rate best practices are included as a beginning point.

Customizing Unbounce landing pages is as simple as adding images, videos, maps, or social media widgets, to increase conversions and provide a more interactive experience.

Doing this is a snap via Unbounce’s completely browser based solution that requires no additional software to download or install. A powerful WYSIWYG page editor makes building a landing page, manipulating the design or layout of a template, or replicating a Photoshop design with precision, easy enough for even the most non-technical of users.

An integrated form designer lets users create lead generation pages as a way to grow their customer lists, further bolstering the tool’s marketing benefits.

A major strength of Unbounce is in its A/B testing capabilities, using a one-click tool for specifying new page variants for testing: make a change to the landing page, assign a desired traffic weight to it, then start seeing results from the powerful A/B testing engine.

“Having to make formal requests to the IT department just to get a landing page typo fixed hampers performance and removes your ability to react quickly,” the rep concluded, advising site stakeholders to “Enjoy a new level of independence by controlling the entire process from within marketing.”

An Unbounce subscription starts at $49 per month, with a 30-day free trial available. Give it a try and see if your sites’ bounce rate — and customer satisfaction — improves.