Dev Depot: — Allowing Users to 'Pull' New Content

Stephen Yagielowicz

A product of Jordan Singer and Brandon Jacoby, Hook.js brings the “pull to refresh” navigational feature found on many mobile devices to web browsers — providing a useful tool for adult webmasters offering frequently updated content.

For example, adult tube and gallery post sites may often update on every page load, or in adherence to a preset time schedule such as every five minutes. A surfer who scrolls to the bottom of the page and has seen all of the content may then scroll back to the top to search for a link or other exit path — but through the Hook.js JavaScript, that page will automatically refresh when scrolled, displaying a new set of content — and new revenue opportunities to go with it.

Hook.js enables a mobile device-style “pull to refresh” feature for standard web browsers, bringing a useful tool for adult webmasters with frequent content updates.

“We love that neat little ‘pull to refresh’ feature on our devices, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it was for the web? Well, that’s what Hook is here to do,” say its developers. “We took a concept from mobile phones and tablets and made it work for the web — Simply scroll down a bit, and then back up to the top. Bam! You’ve just ‘Hooked’ for the first time on the web.”

Hook is simple to deploy for users of all levels, from developers to novices, who must download the free Hook.js JavaScript file and then place the following code right before the hookable HTML page’s ending HEAD tag (“</head>”):

<script src=””></script>
<script src=”hook/hook.js”></script>
<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”hook/hook.css”>

The following code is then placed right after the BODY tag (“<body>”):

<div id=”hook”>
<div id=”loader”>
<div class=”spinner”></div>
<span id=”hook-text”>Reloading...</span>

That’s all there is to it! It’s easier to understand when you see it in action, so visit to demo and download Hook.js to see if it enhances the way your website presents its content.


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