Starting a Revel-ution

Alex Glass

Seattle-based Revel Body is raising funds to launch a revolutionary vibrator motor technology that, according to the company, offers 200 percent wider vibration range, 50 percent more power and 90 percent less noise.

Revel Body is a technology development company focused on sexual wellness that last month announced that it has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help bring the “world’s first sonic vibrator” to life. According to the company, it is seeking to bring about the first major development in vibrator technology in nearly 50 years.

Companies compete on everything from color and shape to packaging and price, but never vibration. Yet, vibration is the primary function of these devices. -Robin Elenga, founder and CEO of Revel Body.

“The Revel Body sonic vibrator will offer more than three times the vibration range of today’s battery powered vibrators,” the company said in its press release.

Revel Body pulls inspiration from an unlikely source — sonic toothbrushes. The TrueSonic adjustable resonating motor is the first of its kind, solving many of the issues seen with conventional battery powered vibrators, according to the company.

“We realized the majority of devices in this big, competitive industry all use the same class of rotary motors, and basically all experienced the same issues,” said Robin Elenga, founder and CEO of Revel Body. “Companies compete on everything from color and shape to packaging and price, but never vibration. Yet, vibration is the primary function of these devices. We knew we could build a better motor and product that together, would offer users increased sensation and a better experience overall.”

According the company it conducted nearly two years research, testing and focus groups and found five main issues with today’s conventional battery-powered vibrators: noise, battery-life, reliability, ergonomics and a limited range of vibration.

Unlike traditional rotary motors, which typically vibrate at a range of about 60–100Hz, TrueSonic resonating motors provide a significantly wider range of vibration — adjustable between 24–200Hz — and substantially more power than any other battery-powered vibrator, the company says, adding that with only a single moving part, TrueSonic motors are also quiet and efficient, lasting at least four times longer than traditional rotary motors.

Compared to current vibrator technology, the TrueSonic technology and Revel Body sonic vibrator is said to offer*:

  • More than 200 percent wider vibration range
  • 90 percent reduction in noise
  • 50 percent more power
  • 80 percent less vibration to the hand

* Data derived from pre-production prototype models.

In addition to revolutionizing the technology, Revel Body said it hopes to use its products to raise awareness for sexual wellness and is working with sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz to erase the stigma around “sex toys.”

The Revel Body’s spherical shape is easy to handle and is made from silicone.

Revel Body is now pursuing an Indiegogo campaign to bring its revolutionary product and technology to market. By funding the project, backers allow Revel Body to overcome the hurdles of manufacturing, as well as open the door for TrueSonic technology to be introduced into a host of new and exciting products.

“We’re on a mission to develop innovative technology and amazing products that make people’s lives better. Incidentally, we don’t think of what we make as sex toys,” added Elenga. “We think of them as lifestyle products that enhance sexual wellbeing for women, men and couples. By funding our campaign, you allow us to focus on driving the change to better, more adaptable sexual wellness products, and make a lot of people very happy in the process.”

Revel Body has obtained industry feedback on its product.

Pheobe Grott, a buyer for Babeland said, “Provides strong vibration that is in high demand among our customers.”

Miuzu President Dave Brown said, “I believe the linear motor technology [Revel Body] has developed will enable this next important stage of product innovation. As I see it, not only will this leap forward make vibrators more effective, it will also give designers more flexibility in form factor, and we will see designs that formerly had not even been conceivable. It’s this potent combination of possibilities that excites me to no end.” President Jeff Fenigstein said, “Robin has created something quite unique and I think there is certainly a spot for his vibrators among the premium brands in the industry. The sensations that his motors produce are not possible with the current toys on the market and I think they would be very well received.” is a crowdfunding platform that allows companies like Revel Body to raise money for a project or product before it is created. Interested individuals can financially back Revel Body at various levels, and if the project’s $100,000 goal is met, backers receive a reward that corresponds with their level of support, with pledges starting at $5.

Those interested in backing Revel Body and the world’s first sonic vibrator can visit Revel Body’s Indiegogo page through April 30 to support the project.

With initial availability on, the company says it plans to move straight into production upon completion of a successful Indiegogo campaign with first products available by late summer.