App Review: Revolutionizes Adult Mobile Payments

Stephen Yagielowicz

As the Internet continues its march to a mobile future, a variety of challenges need to be overcome, including and perhaps foremost for commerce, on the mobile billing front; where clumsy ergonomics conspire with carrier restrictions to limit the available options.

This is an especially problematic issue for legitimate purveyors of adult entertainment who face additional hurdles from the hands of Draconian corporate policy makers.

The mobile Internet is becoming an increasingly important sales channel, especially for chargeable digital content. -Olegs Cerniks, CEO of qooqo.

What porn needs is an adult- and user-friendly payment platform that works on all of the most popular mobile devices and that is easy to set up and available around the world.

What porn needs is qooqo, a new app that allows users to pay quickly and easily via stored account information on a smartphone app, using custom billing page QR codes for easy oneclick checkouts — without requiring the entering of any user or payment info — the customer simply starts the app, scans a qooqo code on the sales page, confirms the payment and the order is instantly completed.

It is a solution that is in touch with the times and currently only available through PAY4.

According to recent studies, European sales volume via mobile payments increased by 65 percent, and mobile transactions by 31 percent, during 2012 in comparison to 2011; fueling a worldwide mobile commerce market boom — a boom that would be even larger if a simple to use, entry barrier-free mobile payment method that allows for spontaneous purchases could be found. This is doubly true for providers of mobile adult content who have so far been unable to make up sales losses on the Internet.

The new mobile app-based qooqo payment platform allows all merchants to finally market adult oriented content directly to mobile users around the world — easily, safely, discreetly and spontaneously, using Android, iOS and Windows Smartphones and tablets.

According to qooqo CEO Olegs Cerniks, today’s international adult content marketer needs a mobile payment solution tailored to its unique needs.

“After the enormous growth rates in classic ecommerce we are now experiencing the first boom in mobile commerce,” Cerniks told XBIZ, adding that this boom is in spite of an often “cumbersome and dissatisfactory” user experience when paying via smartphone.

Cerniks says that qooqo was developed to put an end to low mobile conversion rates, which can be caused in part by awkward checkout procedures.

“The system offers worldwide content providers what is the currently best, fastest and least expensive access to billions of mobile consumers,” Cerniks explains, adding that the qooqo app is “Backed by one of Europe’s leading providers of alternative online payment methods, with absolutely competitive terms and without entry barriers such as credit card acceptance contracts.”

This new billing alternative is also certain to appeal to consumers seeking a discrete and anonymous payment solution, as it’s not only faster and easier than previous methods but also respects the user’s privacy. For example, account and credit card statements will only display “qooqo” as the invoice issuer, with full purchase information only available to the account holder under the “History” section of his or her qooqo app.

The implications of this new payment option are profound.

The company explains that mobile devices are increasingly displacing PCs as the primary device used for access to the Internet by end users; with recent studies showing that in major markets such as the U.S., Europe and Asia, nearly 50 percent of Internet users now have a smartphone and that their mobile purchases and average transaction volumes are rapidly rising.

“The mobile Internet is becoming an increasingly important sales channel, especially for chargeable digital content,” Cerniks notes. “Yet, many providers of mobile content complain about the unsatisfactory conversion rates of their mobile users.”

Cerniks cites the unacceptable burden faced by many users when having to register as a customer using the small display of a mobile phone and then having to type in payment details such as a long credit card number. With qooqo, mobile merchants are now able to get around these issues using a PCI certified payment method that allows the customer to obtain their desired content using just one click.

Integrating qooqo as a payment method is simple, with the merchant providing a link to the app download. After the user has installed and activated the qooqo app, shopping online will be easy: just open the app, center the phone’s camera over the round qooqo QR code, then initiate the purchase by clicking to authorize the payment — providing a true one-click shopping experience for your customers.