Life in the Fat Lane

Tom Heike

Experienced Webmasters know that there is no sure thing when it comes to building and marketing a successful Web site. Many newbie Webmasters start their quest looking for the "Holy Grail" of Web sites to build or promote, and are often left confused and wondering which direction to go when confronted with the wide range of choices.

I personally have found a niche that sells very well, and is gaining market share every day. I am referring to the Big Beautiful Women (BBW) niche. I believe that the gains made by this niche are a direct result of societies attitude toward full figured women.

In my younger years, I found almost immediately that I was more attracted to full figured women. I endured a great amount of teasing, as a teenager as it was not the "popular" point of view. I ignored the comments, and teasing as best I could, and felt as though I was the only man alive that felt the way I did. 12 years later I have come to the realization that I was wrong, very wrong. Millions of men feel exactly the way I do, and societies views are changing every day.

This brings me to my point. BBW is a very large sector of the adult Web industry and it gets bigger every day (No pun intended). Sales for the BBW niche have been gaining on the "mainstream" niches such as petite, teen, porn star, and many others. As a new Webmaster I decided that my first site should be about something that interested me, and that would keep me interested in my site. I was right, it did. I started a free adult site named "Large Louie's Fat Pad."

To my amazement, traffic became very steady within just a few days of advertising the site and placing galleries in a few TGP sites. I was taken aback that the response to my site was so great. I thought it must be a fluke. I started researching sites that catered to BBW fans, and found that there are thousands of them. For the first time I found that I was not alone.

Since the inception of that site I have found thousands of BBW websites, and talked with hundreds of webmasters about why they chose BBW. The great majority of them responded "It sells." As you can see from the stats that I extracted from getting surfers to come to their sites is no problem at all. Looking at 8 of the largest BBW sites on the net will give you a pretty good idea of what kind of strength this niche has.

Sponsor Site
Hits Out
Hits Counted
$ Per Hit
Chubby Lover 7,188
6 $180.00 0.0250 1198
BigFatPorn 7,285 2,991 6 $180.00 0.0247 1214
Fat Girls 7,108 5,175 5 $140.00 0.0197 1422
Fat Fantasies 7,214 5,961 4 $140.00 0.0194 1803
Big And Bad 7,098 5,033 4 $120.00 0.0169 1774
Grande Girls 20,043 3,699 8 $320.00 0.0160 2505
Big `n Plump 7,201 6,345 4 $108.50 0.0151 1800
Fat Park 7,258 6,163 7 $15.19 0.0021 1037
Totals 70,395 40,491 44 $1,203.69 0.0171 1600

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As you can see here, the average conversion ratio is 1:1600, which I can say with confidence is a very high conversion rate. I would surely suggest to any newbie webmaster that they consider marketing or creating a BBW site.

As such I ask again, can this really be true? Is the mainstream of the world beginning to see that full figured women are beautiful too? I believe they are, and it's about time. Personally, I think that women who wear a size 0 look sickly, and very much undesirable.

The bottom line is that society is changing for the better, and it is greatly influencing our business in a positive way, I would surely suggest to any newbie webmaster that they consider marketing or creating a BBW site. They are growing in numbers every day, and now is the time. Soon the market will be saturated just like every other mainstream niche, and the opportunity to make some serious money will be gone.

Tom Heike is the owner of Web Pro Webmaster Resources