WIA Profile: Sadie Allison

Women In Adult / Bob Johnson

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Sex and relationship expert, Dr. Sadie Allison has rubbed elbows with celebrities around the world and has been described as “combining sex education with erotic temptation so everyone can enjoy.” As a sex authority and founder of Tickle Kitty, Inc. — her bedroom-wisdom books and pleasure products company — Allison exemplifies the new breed of professional woman who has successfully bridged adult with mainstream.

While some men still have a lot to learn about being a giver in bed, there are many men who are genuinely concerned with being a great performer and care a lot about their partner’s pleasure — even before their own.

Her watchwords are “More Powerful Orgasms,” sparking this interview where XBIZ asks “America’s Pleasure Coach” how she became a powerhouse presence in adult.

What was your Silicon Valley career? How did you transition from that world into sex self-help?

My career in Silicon Valley included the position of direct-to-consumer marketing manager at SegaSoft. One of my projects was to write a step-by-step instruction guide for a new computer game. I illustrated how to install and play the game, and selected the best screen shots to facilitate the ease of understanding for the reader.

All the while, I’d been a sex technique advice-giver since high school and was even nicknamed “Little Dr. Ruth.” I was uninhibited, knowledgeable and had a knack for teaching friends how to masturbate — who often achieved orgasm for the first time. Helping others in this way was incredibly fulfilling for me.

When I had the final printed instruction guide in my hand, I had my “ah-HA” moment. I felt that if I put the masturbation lessons I taught into a written format — and in the same how-to fashion with illustrations like I’d done for the game instruction guide — I’d be able to reach and help more women.

From that passion and desire to help women learn to self-pleasure and orgasm, evolved my first sexhelp book, “Tickle Your Fancy — A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure.”

From what institution is your doctorate?

The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.

Describe Tickle Kitty …

Tickle Kitty is an independent sex-help book publisher based in San Francisco, and founded in 2001. Our mission is to empower women and men to embrace a deeper enjoyment of their sexuality, through education and inspiration — and with a touch of humor.

We’ve published five bestselling titles including “Tickle Your Fancy — A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure,” “Toygasms! The Insider’s Guide to Sex Toys and Techniques,” “Tickle His Pickle — Your Hands-On Guide to Penis-Pleasing,” “Ride ‘Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking” and “Tickle My Tush — Mild-to-Wild Analplay Adventures for Everybooty.” Altogether we have more than 2 million copies in print today.

Tickle Kitty also manufacturers my signature line of water-based lubricants called “Slippery Kitty,” available in Au Naturel and Strawberry Lust. Our company web store is where our books, lubes, custom Pleasure Kits and sex toys are available for purchase.

Our books and lubes are carried by adult novelty distributors throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, as well as home party plans and specialty retailers. The books are also available in brick-and-mortar stores like Barnes & Noble and Walden Books, and online at Our eBooks are now available at iBookstore, the Barnes & Noble Nook Book Store, Kobo and

What’s your latest book?

Our latest book is “Tickle My Tush — Mild-to-Wild Analplay Adventures for Everybooty.“

It’s a smart paperback that guides women and men to the true pleasures of the under-explored seat of love. With my trademark tongue-in-cheek narrative, together with dozens of tasteful illustrations, “Tickle My Tush” shows how to enjoy these newfound thrills — comfortably, safely and pleasurably. It’s designed from mild-to-wild, so backdoor-curious couples can easily find their personal approach and comfort levels — and at their own pace. From mild “outercourse” joys like sensual butt massage and gentle finger play, to wild orgasmic sensations of butt toys, “innercourse” and the table-turning thrills of “pegging,” they will feel confident with the tips and techniques that dispel fears and skyrocket pleasures.

Do you have a private consultation practice?

I have a small client base that I still support, but heading up Tickle Kitty as CEO and spreading the pleasure requires most of my time.

Do you feel mainstream is becoming more accepting of adult products?

Absolutely. Thanks to the many tireless sex educators, counselors and therapists, men and women are continually enlightened about their sexuality, and the pleasure products available to them.

Adult novelty manufactures have made profound advances every year, producing top-quality, and beautifully designed toys in gorgeous packaging.

Sex toys have gained huge mainstream popularity with the help of certain media exposure. For example in the ’80’s, Howard Stern heavily promoted the Pocket Rocket, which contributed to it becoming a household name, inspiring women to try a vibrator for the first time. The infamous ‘98 “Sex and the City” episode featuring the Rabbit Pearl was a true breakthrough too, which empowered women and gave “permission” that it was OK to take care of themselves and self-pleasure.

You describe yourself as “America’s Pleasure Coach.” Do women seek your advice more than men?

I teach the pleasure techniques men and women crave to learn so they can better please their lovers. This includes things like teaching women how to masturbate and orgasm, introducing a couple to new sex toys perfect for their experience level or advising new positions a couple seeks for specific pleasure spot stimulation.

Surprisingly, just about as many men seek my help, as do women. While some men still have a lot to learn about being a giver in bed, there are many men who are genuinely concerned with being a great performer and care a lot about their partner’s pleasure — even before their own. This is what I call being a “generous lover,” and I encourage everyone I coach to adopt that way of being in the bedroom.

Women are now embracing pleasure products more than ever. To what do you attribute the newfound love affair?

There are a number of contributing factors: The pleasure product industry’s outstanding advances, the Internet’s instant access to knowledge and accessibility to ordering products discreetly, sex educators and other resources that teach people all about them, this new era of beautiful, couples-friendly sex toy shops, women embracing their natural birthright of pleasure and using pleasure products as tools to enhance their relationships, this new generation of self-aware and sexually explorative young women.

What’s your philosophy regarding sexual fulfillment? Do you embrace an anything goes stance?

Yes, anything goes so long as it’s between two consensual adults.

Who do you admire in the adult industry? Do you have a mentor?

I admire many of my peers in the adult novelty industry from the founders of the large novelty manufactures who have paved the path, to the newcomers with new, brilliant, innovative sex toys.

I have had the pleasure of maintaining a close relationship with Ron Braverman of Doc Johnson. He’s a great guy and an extremely intelligent businessman whom I have a lot of respect for. I’ve called on him over the years when facing some of my toughest decisions — both personal and business — for his always helpful advice.